4 Scary Movies to Watch…

…when you miss Halloween

Even though Halloween is now over, the feelings of horror and discontent are still a thrill to faithfully embrace… no matter the time of year. Ever since the creation of the genre, Horror, individuals nationwide have been enthralled with a sensation that evokes a feeling of fear, causing the reaction of content with the recent scare.

Below is a list provided, with brief description, for those thrill-seekers who still appreciate and crave that sense of terrific pleasure, that are sure — in my opinions — to provoke satisfactory uneasiness:

1. Get Out

If an individual is looking for a thrilling, and dark emoted theme— with a strong backbone of racial tension— then Get Out is the perfect movie to induce tingles of strain, fear, discomfort, and pleasure. The plot follows a young bi-racial couple, as the girlfriend is bringing along the main character to her parent’s house for a retreat. When the main character approaches the house, he notices that the whole family is Caucasian, and that they have African American individuals as house workers. As bizarre, and uncomfortable events begin to occur, the main character begins to search for answers, leading to an unwilling embrace of cruel and intentional causing’s. By the end, will the main character survive the weekend away with the family, or despair into the ominous place that he is mystified in.

2. Insidious: Chapter Three

In the third installment, of the Insidious franchise, the everlasting evocation of distress and uncomfortable angst are the most prevalent then in its predecessors. After a young teenage girl— the main character— is amused by a devastating event, she beings to be tormented by paranormal forces, with no regard for her safety. As the young girl’s torment begins to exaggerate, she must decide to turn away from her family and friends— and her world— or decide to fight back her invaders.

3. As Below So Below

In the movie, As Above So Below, a young adventurous couple, in Paris, decides to venture into the forbidden depths of the Catacombs, underneath Paris’ streets. But, when the forbidden— seemingly harmful— adventure turns to the malevolence of paranormal occurrences, the young couple, and the followed friends, must find the way out of the Catacombs, or risk the fate provoked by the forces of Hell.

4. The Witch

If an individual wants to experience a tension-based, terrifying— and somewhat evil sense— film, then The Witch, is the impeccable, satisficing choice. The story follows a family, living in the Puritan time period, who live normal farmer lives. But when malevolent forces begin attempting to take over their lives, they must stop at nothing, not even forces of the Devil himself, to prevent the overtake or their amorous and seemingly simple livelihood.