Top 4 Best Animated movies you should watch

Top 4 Best Animated movies you should watch

Today I have listed a best animated movies you must watch along with your family.


Toy Story

Toy Story is a 1995 American Cartoon animated energized comic drama experience created by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Toy Story was the featured full length animated movie and the first dramatic film created by Pixar.

Toy Story pursues a gathering of human toys who are lifeless at whatever point human are available and centers around the relationship between different characters such as Woody, Cowboy, and Buzz Lightyear, and few more.These animated movies all you can watch from techgrilled.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is also an animated movie from America.

It is a comic, adventure and drama experience. It was produced by Pixar and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

It tells the story of an overprotective fish father named Marlin who, alongside a majestic tang named Dory, looks for his lost child Nemo.

They travel across the distance from Sydney Harbor to find the Nemo and learns a lot about life and how to deal with risk and let his child learn about life.

The Lion King

The Lion King is a 1994 American animated melodic epic film created under Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

It is the 32nd energized animated movie in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series.

The story happens in a kingdom of lions in Africa. The King of Jungle (father lion) was killed by the rival brother and later the son of King was grown and fight against the rival brother.

The movie is influenced by the scriptural stories of Joseph and Moses and the Shakespearean play Hamlet. The film was produced amid a period known as the Disney Renaissance.

The Incredibles

The Incredibles is an action, adventure superhero drama which was released in 2004.

It is also an American based movie which was created under the Pixar and distributed by Disney. It was the 6th movie created by Pixar.

The movie revolves around the family which consists of Superhuman. All the members of the family have certain powers and that's why they are called Incredibles.

These Incredibles want to help people and finally fight with the Super Evil person to save the city. The Super Evil Villain has a robot as well and they want to destroy and rule.

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2018 Was The First Year That I Felt Alive And 2019 Is Going To Be Even Better

There is a difference between living and existing.


I'm 19 years old and for most of my life I have been existing. My existence is not something that I was aware of until I really started living. At the end of 2017 I completely ruined my life, my life was falling apart and I was just standing by watching. I knew that I had to get out of the life that I was living and start a new one; so before 2018 ever started I started to fix myself. 2018 has been the hardest year of my life as far as work, all I have done is work on myself.

I have learned so much about myself and the people that I choose to surround myself with in the past year. In one year, I have completely torn myself down and built a new person. I've been in countless therapy sessions, with doctors and with friends. I've permanently cut people out of my life, gained new people that I will never lose, started an amazing relationship with the most amazing woman, and realized who I truly am. Let me just start by saying this: therapy works. Paying people to listen to your problems is the best invention ever and I swear to god that I will support it until the day I die.

I've had to cut people out of my life and that's been hard and easy at the same time. I haven't spoken to someone in over a year that is extremely toxic to me. This is the most comforting feeling in the world. Knowing that I have the power to control who is in my life is so powerful. I've also come to realize that if someone is toxic or they have toxic traits, they have to go- immediately. I don't have room in my life for toxic people especially when I am trying to grow.

My relationship has also helped me grow. I have never been in a relationship that has helped me grow. This relationship is the thing I needed, it's like I could only go so far on my own as far as growth and then Ciara came along and has helped me grow in ways that I couldn't on my own. Ciara has taught me how to be a better person and a kinder person, she's also taught me how to love in ways that I didn't know were possible.

My relationship with myself has grown the most in the past year. This past year I have learned so fucking much about myself. I am finally living my truth and not hiding anymore. It's taken a lot of courage and strength to become who I truly am and who I'm supposed to be. The process of living my truth has been a hard one, but it's been an amazing journey.

For the first time in my life I'm excited to live another year. 2019 is going to be the best year of my life. I have so many big plans for this year that are only going to help me grow even more than I already have. Granted, I'm not a perfect person nor will I ever be, but I am so much better off than I was two years ago.


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Exclusive Interview with Electro-Pop Singer Jade Alice

Electro-pop singer-songwriter and producer Jade Alice epitomizes today's pop music, as demonstrated by her latest single, "In Too Deep"; the song effortlessly transforms from a languid track with full, angelic-sounding vocals to a roof-raising dance track.


Who are some of your musical influences?

At the moment it's Lennon Stella, Billie Eilish, Joni Mitchell, ABBA and Daniel Caesar!

If you could collaborate with any artist who would you choose?

I would love to work with Billie Eilish, she creates the most beautiful vocal arrangements around her voice, and that's something I really try to focus on in my songs too. She is just so cool. She's completely her own person, and she has this maturity in the way she commands the words of a song. I think we grew up in similar ways, having our families involved in music and I feel very connected to her in a weird personal way haha but that just goes to show how personal her songs are!

"In The Deep" what's the song really mean to you?

It's the feeling of when you see someone for the first time, and your attraction to them is so obvious,but you don't feel self conscious about it. Everything just becomes exciting and you're like a kid with no inhibitions. I get a similar feeling with dance music, so I wanted to have a dance element in the song to enhance this feeling of euphoria and love.

What do you hope people take from your music when listening?

The main thing I hope for is that they see themselves in the songs, and not me. That they take something from the song, realize things about themselves and how they're feeling. I hope I can empower people to feel good about themselves!

Any new music updates you like to share?

Yes! I have another single coming out on December 4th called 'Work This Out'. It's in collaboration with another Melbourne producer called Motaki!

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