Top 10 Dressing Tips For Short Grooms
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Top 10 Dressing Tips For Short Grooms

Styling is what everyone should know about. There is no denying the fact that it takes a different level of energy to learn how best to do it. But what if you are a groom with a shorter height?

Top 10 Dressing Tips For Short Grooms

If you fall in that category, your wedding styling message is probably simple: covering for height and appearing full. You might have other ideas on what you want to do that special day. But, your groomsmen would mention the need to project the right body image as a deserving groom.

What do you wear? How should you wear it? What styling idea should you avoid? From the best minds in fashion, here are our top-of-the-cherry picks of dressing ideas for short men on their wedding day.

1.Choose the Right Tie

Your tie gives an onlooker the first idea about your personality and body features. It's no magic. It is logical enough that your tie is the first piece of clothing everyone sees on you. If you are a shorter groom, maybe many people might pay more attention to your tie selection.

The tight rule here is very simple –always use ties that are sleek and slim. Yes, you definitely should avoid the broader and over designed ties that make you appear wider and shorter. Slim and Single-colored slim ties will surely make you appear taller and fuller.

2.Observe the Waistline Rule

The rule here is simple –wear your trouser below the waistline. If you are a shorter groom, you have no excuse whatsoever to violate this waistline rule on your wedding day. Of course, if you need to project the right image, you don't.

Your trousers should be worn perfectly below the waistline. This makes you look taller than your real height. Your trouser length should also extend to your formal wedding shoes. Socks should not be visible too.

3.Wear Men's Tall Shoes

This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book. Logic demands that as a short groom, you need to invest in shoes for short men. Men's tall shoes with the right heel length will make you look taller.

However, you do not want to overdo this. Your shoe should complement the color of your dress. And most importantly, the heel length should be moderate. While trying to look taller, you should not look funny.

4.Pick Slim-fitted Outfits

Except if there is a decree that you must wear large, oversized suits, then consider a slim fit outfit. This is one of the common rules you must observe. If you are heavier on outfit size, you definitely will appear as the make-shift groom. But you don't want that, right?

Wearing a bigger-sized wedding outfit gives you a wider appearance and, in turn, makes you appear shorter. Slim-fit outfits, on the other hand, make you appear taller, especially with the right formal shoes for men.

5.Avoid Wide Collars

This one might appear shocking, but on second thought, you might see sense here. Wide collars directly affect your overall length perception to an onlooker. These types of collars make your shoulder appear broader and technically make you appear shorter.

Narrow collars, on the other hand, reverse this perception. The right collar for your outfit should have a shorter width and completely cover your neck. If you observe all the tips on this list, the wrong collar might spoil your effort easily.

6.Choose the Outfits with Vertical Stripes

The design of your dress also matters if you need to appear taller. You would want to avoid dresses with large, horizontal stripes. This type of stripes makes you appear wider and shorter than your real height. This is because an onlooker's perception of your height is defined on the horizontal plane when you wear this type of stripes.

Vertical stripes, on the other hand, are the short grooms' stripe. Why? For starters, it compels an onlooker to observe your outfit vertically. And most importantly, it makes you appear taller by elongating your figure in the vertical plane.

7.The Right Pants

Wearing the right selection of pants is also important if you need to appear taller. At any point you decide to wear a formal suit that day, your pant length should be just moderate and vertically striped.

How do you measure 'just moderate' for your pant length? It is simple. Your pants should not be too short of revealing your socks. And it must not be too long to cover your formal wedding shoes. While picking a pant, you should also select mid-rise pants. Mid-rise pants and high-rise pants will make your legs appear longer. Completely avoid low-rise pants.

8.Avoid Color Contrast

While choosing the colors for your dress, you must avoid color contrast. This means your color shades should not be more than two. If you have fewer color shades, it is easy to avoid color-block. The idea here is also simple – the right color selection compliments your figure appearance and makes you look taller.

9.Carry Lesser Things

This is basically why you have the groomsmen around. Your pocket and hands should only contain things that are compact and few. Flooding your pockets with large objects will ruin your efforts at appearing taller.

The logic is simple; large pockets make you look out-of-style and shape your fitted pants to look baggy. This has an overall effect on your height, making you look wider and shorter.

10.Avoid Heavy Prints and Embroidery

The trick here is that an onlooker's attention should be directed towards the appearance of your figure. Wearing dresses with heavy prints and embroidery robs you of that attention. If you consider and implement all the dressing ideas for short men, heavy embroidery can undo your efforts at appearing taller.

So, except that you have other ways to magically grow taller before the D-day, then your options of style must be deliberate. Wearing the right type of shoes and observing these tips are your best bet at appearing taller. The right fashion style gives you the right narrative on your wedding day.

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