10 Activities To Live Your Best Chicago Summer 2018 Life

10 Activities To Live Your Best Chicago Summer 2018 Life

Summer comes and goes year after year. We find ourselves wishing we did certain things or forgot all about another activity. Here's your guide to the essentials for 2018.

Now that summer has officially kicked off, it’s time to focus in on the different things you should do this summer, before it’s all over. After all, summertime comes and goes in Chicago with the blink of an eye.

1. Kayak on the river.

Get outside, enjoy the scenery of Chicago and most importantly try something different. There are a lot of rental services out there to help you, such as Chicago River Kayak Rentals.

2. Check out at least one outdoor music/food/art/street festival.

The Chicago Tribune releases an extensive schedule of the neighborhood, food, and street festivals for the summer season. Some notables include (Maifest in Lincoln Square, Taste of Randolph Street in West Loop, Jazz Fest in Millennium Park, Chicago Ale Fest, Wicker Park Fest…). Yes, it’s an extensive list, but absolutely worth checking out.

3. Catch a baseball game…regardless if you’re a White Sox or Cubs fan, nothing beats a cold beer and a hot dog at a game.

Here are the schedules for the Sox and the Cubs. Single game tickets are a pretty easy snag, and make sure to look out for those promotional games too!

4. Enjoy an afternoon or evening on a rooftop bar.

They are plentiful across the area and a very popular trend right now. Timeout Chicago has a fresh lineup of spots to seek out for 2018.

5. Visit a Chicago weekend destination.

Spots such as Galena, Lake Geneva, and New Buffalo are great spots to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle, yet they won’t require a painfully long car ride.

6. Get in the water!

Boat, swim, lily pad, whatever it may be, we only have 3 and a half decent months for our lovely summer weather. Get wet in the water, but most importantly get wild! There are also a nice lineup of boat parties to try out on Lake Michigan. Did somebody say “come sail away with me?”

7. Get in on the grilling action.

BBQ is a summertime staple. CountryLiving has you covered with 60+ grilling recipes.

8. Have a picnic!

Lakefront, Morton Arboretum, or even in your backyard, have a meal outside. Make sure to do it sooner rather than later, otherwise those scorching temperatures will keep you inside the cool air conditioning.

9. Exercise and get fit.

Now is the best time to get outside, get your body in the shape you want it. Take advantage of days you can run, bike, train or walk outside versus inside on a machine. Here’s Chicago Fitt’s Top 10 list of spots to run in Chicago.

10. Grab your crew together for an evening, and find a friend’s house to do a bonfire.

Most importantly, make sure bring s’mores! There’s nothing better than sitting around the camp fire, having some laughs, and enjoying good company.

And we do have two honorable mentions...

1. Give your car a nice detail. Nothing beats a slick looking’ ride out on the streets. Take some pride in that ride of yours.

2. This one ties into number nine, but no matter how far you are, go for a ride, bike ride, or walk on Lake Shore Drive. Lower those windows down, blast your headphones, and play your favorite artist. After all, this is coming from a music lover!

Cover Image Credit: Michael J. Kocourek

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Forget The Beach, Do These Things Instead

These 25 thing won't break your bank this summer.


When you think of summertime you think of the beach. Going to the beach usually involves a lot of driving and necessary spending. These 25 activities are perfect for summer and will not break your bank.

1. Take A Walk.


As simple as it sounds, take a walk. Walk around your town or neighborhood; you'll be amazed at all of the little things you normally miss whenever you're driving by.

2. Have A Picnic.

Nothing says summer like a picnic. It can be at your local park or even in your backyard; just don't forget the watermelon!

3. Roast s'mores!


Everyone loves a good s'more, and the nostalgic smell of the campfire.

4. Make your own ice cream.

Ice cream is the perfect sweet treat to cool down on the hot summer day, but it can also break your budget. Homemade ice cream is fun, delicious, and will not hurt your wallet.

Here is a sweet recipe!

5. Blow bubbles.


I mean come on, who doesn't love blowing bubbles.

6. Watch the clouds


Whenever you're having a stressful or sad day grab a blanket and head outside and watch the clouds blow by. Make a game out of how many different shapes you can identify.

7. Pick some berries.


Find a local strawberry or blueberry field that allows customers to pick their own berries, it is a lot more fun than it sounds trust me.

8. Go to a minor league baseball game.

Hot dogs, ice cream, and fun memories are all to be had at a local baseball game.

9. Go to a parade.

Your town or a neighboring town most likely has a holiday parade on Memorial Day, 4th of July, or labor day. Go to these parades, you'll get to see all of the local youth organizations, support your community, and maybe even get some candy thrown your way.

10. Watch the fireworks.

Really watch the fireworks, don't try to take pictures that will come out blurry. Live in the moment.

11. Watch the sunrise

It may involve an earlier bedtime the night before, but it will be worth it.

12. Watch the sunset.

Megan Adair

13. Make a slip & slide


Tarp+water+soap=endless fun

14. Paint with bubbles.


This takes blowing bubbles to a whole new level. Add your favorite colors of food coloring to your bubbles grab a piece of paper and blow onto the paper; you'll come away with a masterpiece.

15. Make a bird feeder.

Give back to mother nature by building a bird feeder.

16. Catch lightning bugs.



17. Build a fort.


Let's be real, everybody loves a good fort.

18. Tye-Dye something.

Shirt, socks, blankets, it doesn't matter what it is as long as you have fun.

19. Read.


Go to a local bookstore, run your fingers along the spines of all the books and pick the one that calls to you.

20. Color with chalk.


Unleash your inner artist on your driveway and/or sidewalk.

21. Pick up litter.

Go outside and help clean mother earth, it will not only benefit you but everybody around you as well.

22. Have an absolutely epic water gun battle.

Swim Pool Boy Water Swimming Summer Water Gun


Grab your friend, enemy, kid, neighbor, parents, whoever you can find and challenge them to a water gun battle.

23. Go camping.

Get back into nature in your backyard, or at a free campsite.

24. Volunteer.


Many of us have extra time in the summer so volunteer your time in your community!

(Dog walking at the local animal shelter is always a great choice)

25. Find joy.


Find what makes you happy, and never stop doing it.

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