Recently, at a small restaurant in Minneapolis, conservative reporter and Fox contributor Tomi Lahren had a drink thrown on her by a patron, and I'm left wondering why I wasn't invited. Perhaps my invitation got lost in the mail.

All jokes aside, I do think that it probably wasn't the best idea to throw water on Tami. This is not because I feel bad for her, but because I worry that this will give her more ammunition than she already thinks she has.

Anyone who knows me knows that I can't stand Tomi Lahren. She is an absolute disgrace to the United States. She says things that she thinks are so cutting edge, but every word out of her mouth is either racist, insulting, contradictory to something she had previously said, or just plain stupid.

Some of the worst things about Tobi include her inability to sympathize with black America, her constant rants against "snowflakes," her racist tweets, her inability to understand the gun problem in American, and her desire to see immigrants in graves.

Tomi is under the impression that if somebody talks about the atrocities that Black America faces every day, from being shot for holding a cell phone to being violently pulled out of their own cars due to having a broken taillight, then that person must hate all police officers. Stable people know that there are good cops, but that there are also corrupt cops. Tomi is either too dim to understand this, or she is a racist. Probably both.

Taxi's biggest problem with liberals is that we are "snowflakes" because we complain too much, yet her job is literally to complain. The irony of this is probably lost on her. Unlike Tomi, liberals are upset over issues that actually matter.

We are upset that black Americans are sentenced to life in prison for smoking weed when white males are sentenced to less than 6 months in prison for rape. We are upset that women's healthcare is constantly being restricted and that women are losing the rights to their own bodies.

We are upset that the President of the United States is a racist who has been accused of multiple accounts of sexual assault. We are upset that this same man only took 24 hours to personally acknowledge that Tomi Lahren had a drink thrown on her, but took 22 days to acknowledge a hero named James Shaw, who risked his life to stop a shooter at a Waffle House and then raised $250,000 for victims of gun violence. We are upset that the "leaders" of our country are failing us.

We are upset that people are constantly being killed and yet there are still no restrictions on guns. We are upset that animals are abused every day and that the environment is in danger of drowning in plastic.

I could go on forever, but the point is that white supremacists don't belong on the air, and they certainly don't belong in office. Tomi is not someone to stand by, and she is certainly not someone to look up to.