Today I Am Not Proud To Be An American

Many individuals are upset about the outcome of the election, and that is completely okay. What is not okay is the divide we are allowing to occur between the American people. We are Americans. Yes, we have different views and different ways of going about certain aspects of living but to sit around and belittle those that do not feel the same as you is wrong and uncalled for. Spitting words of hate will not do any good for anyone, it just makes everything worse. Trump supporters have a reason they are supporting him, just as Clinton supporters have theirs. Whether the outcome of the election was one you favored or one you were completely disgusted with, we all need to stand together.

Giving up on the beauty of this country because one man was elected to be president is ridiculous. Turning your backs on friends, family, and coworkers because their views are different from your own is ridiculous. Calling people racist, sexist, and misogynistic because of their vote for Trump will not do anything but divide us even more. Letting separation continue to take place is the complete opposite of what American people should be doing right now.

This country is not one that breaks down and becomes cruel when we don't get what we all want, this country is one that should stand up and join together with kind hearts and support regardless of the views we carry. Unfortunately, this country has lost its spark, and that is terrifying. We are not what we used to be, and today with these cruel words and actions, we are definitley not something to be proud of. Our justice system has fallen downhill and no longer seems to do what it is supposed to, our people are driving each other apart due to differences, and our entire country is in a fuss because ONE man became president. We are more than one man, we are more than the hate, we are more than the hostility and disrespect we have been treating each other with these past few days. We are so much more than any of this.

The hate and the anger we have all witnessed in the past 24 hours is worse than Trump becoming president. We let one man drive a steak between us rather than coming together as a country in a time of chaos and change.

Change is not a horrible thing, but it is something that several of us are terrified of after yesterday's results. Trump doesn't have to tear America apart at this rate, because most of the our country's people are doing that themselves.

Change is not a bad thing, and change is most certainly going to happen with this new President. Unless we all put aside our differences and accept that, America will not be great again, it will become even worse. Take some time to look around you and try to accept each others different opinions, cultures, and so on-because if none of us try, we will fall apart and it won't be Trumps doing, it will be our own.

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