To whoever it was that took away our fall break,

I'll never forget the morning during this year's hurricane evacuation when I woke up to the email saying that the two days of fall break that I'd been planning on having all year long were no longer going to be relaxing and without classes.

My heart sank as I read the news. I'd been dreading this moment ever since we had to leave campus.

"Nahhh, they wouldn't do that to us," I kept telling myself.

"If anything, they'll just change up the finals week schedule like they did last year," I thought.

Well, turns out I was wrong.

Instead of simply having a couple more days of classes at the end of the semester, you all decided that it would be better to take away students' days off that they already had their hearts set on using. To me, that is much worse.

I understand that the job of the administrators is to give us the education that we paid for, and we definitely do need all the time we can get to learn the material given. Most of the time, we use up the entire period with the lecture, questions, and review without a minute to spare.

So yes, the days that we missed when we were evacuated definitely made a dent in the schedule and there is some catching up to do.

But, that's what the weekend makeup days are for! I know for sure that I have two weekend days during which I am supposed to spend the majority of my time in those classrooms I sit in for hours during the week.

Now, along with the weekend days, my classes are also being forced to meet on the days that would have been my fall break; the days that I would have used to relax and recharge from the exhausting semester I've had thus far.

The thing that gets on my nerves the most is that, during this year's hurricane, we were only out of school for four days, while last year we were out for more than a week.

But did they cancel fall break last year? NOPE.

Yeah, it was an election year, people needed time to vote blah blah blah, but I guarantee you that the majority of students did not, in fact, return to their home states to vote as you all claimed they would. Like myself, they probably got an absentee ballot sent to them because it just did not make sense to make the long journey home just for a few days.

I've been running all of the possible solutions over and over again in my mind and I just don't understand why this is the one that you all chose. It just doesn't make any sense. Where is the logic in this decision?

Sincerely, a very salty student.