As someone who is terrified of clowns ever since Stephen King's novel "IT" came out and then was turned into a movie (which is now being remade), I have to say, I'm disappointed in the society we live in now more than ever. Just like people can get arrested for harming someone physically, they should also be charged with causing psychological harm.

If anyone thinks that dressing up as clowns, and jumping out in front of cars is funny, I can tell you it's definitely not. I'm not sure how, or why this started, and am really hesitant to look up any articles on it because of the clown pictures. All I know, is it really needs to stop and soon. No one should be afraid to leave their homes because a clown might jump out and scare them.

The world is a pretty messed up place already, so why do people want to add more chaos when we’re already chaotic enough? I get it, life can be boring and it can be fun having all the attention on you, especially from the media. But why not do something good? There is so much bad in the world, that we can all benefit from something positive taking place?

Admittedly, clowns are generally looked at as a positive thing, unless they look scary, or you’re like me and are terrified of anything that even closely resembles one. If not for the reason of being a generally good person, then don't ruin the magic of clowns for the little kids. Growing up, I never liked clowns because of the reason I stated (I saw "IT" when I was six or younger.), but I know many others who loved clowns and going to the circus and all of that stuff.

If you keep doing what you're doing, you have no idea who's going to get emotional trauma because of it. It's bad enough we have two clowns running for President.