Lately, I have had a lot of discussions with friends who are frustrated with themselves for not having landed on a college major yet. So to all of you who are still searching for life answers, here’s a little encouragement...

1. Those classes that you took in that major that God DEFINITELY did not create you for...yeah, those actually aren’t a waste!

It’s always nerve racking and frustrating taking a class just to see if you would fit well in that perspective major. If you are still searching for a major, there’s always that one freak out moment where you are pouring your life out to an assignment and thinking to yourself, I only have four years to figure out my life!! Or how about when you’re losing sleep over your GPA and thinking to yourself, These credits may not even count for anything!! Well, guys I’ve got good news….college is for learning! I know, super obvi right? But the thing is, college is for learning about ourselves, our passions, and what we don’t care for. That one class that seems like a waste of time, money and credits, most likely taught you more than you know because learning about yourself is just as valuable as studying something within the line of your vocation.

2. Don’t stress about needing to switch

I recently switched from a Christian Ministries major to a Business major and let me tell was actually kind of scary. I had quite a bit of Christian Ministries credits under my belt and I didn’t want those to go to waste, but then I thought about all of the great stuff I had learned and the amazing friends, peers, and mentors I had met through the department—and I don’t regret it at all. In fact, it was time well spent. God used that time and season to teach me A TON and now, I am entering a new season. Don’t stress about needing to switch majors, you are not wasting anything. Besides, that’s what electives are for!

3. Discover your strengths...Discover your passions...Discover your major!

There are several times we neglect to take a look at ourselves when we are in search of a major. We go first to what kind of jobs an Education, Business, or Christian Ministries diploma can offer us. While it is totally smart to be thinking strategically about our future, we should also start taking a look at what we’re good at and what we love. Once we discover more about how God wired us, we will discover where our hearts are drawn, and from there we can discover what we should spend our time studying in school. Let’s stop conforming ourselves to a college major and start allowing ourselves to be used in the way that God designed us.

4. Don’t worry, be happy—God’s got your back!

It’s always relieving to hear that God is in control, so here’s another reminder. I talked to someone not too long ago who studied business without any idea of what they wanted to do. Today, he is a worship leader at a well known church. Does he regret studying business? No. It actually still benefits what he is doing AND God is using it in a way he never would have expected. Who goes into business with the specific goal of becoming a worship pastor? God alone could have orchestrated that, and it is pure proof that we can trust him with our college decisions. The major you choose does not determine the rest of your life—God does! Have peace that you can turn this decision over to Him and trust Him with your future! You never know what He’s going to do.

You are a gifted person who's got a lot going for them and there is no major that can change that fact. So don’t worry, be happy and trust God!