I live off campus in an apartment, which for the most part has been a pretty nice experience since I've moved into the complex sophomore year. I haven't had any problems with the complex and it's residents until just recently. My experience is truly my own experience along with my thoughts, this is not a jab on anyone in particular. So if this article comes off as a little harsh, I apologize for that, but in order to express myself, I have to use words and these are words I decided to choose.

Last night, I arrive at around midnight from steak and shake run with my roomies. We pull up to our building and notice that there is no parking where we usually park in the back and even in front of the main section. I try to look around for a spot, puzzled as to why all the spots were taken still. I then back out and eventually find a spot but it's in the very front causing me and my roommates to walk what it feels like almost half a mile to our actual apartment.

I just don't understand why all the spots were taken, people that live in the apartment should have a closer spot up near where the building is. Residents that have guests should carpool or have them only come for a short period of time (I mean guests are just guests anyways). But I also think that there should be one or two spots in each building for guests that the complex should create. If it's full, tough out of luck, you will have to wait your turn to park. It isn't fair for those that live in the complex to have to park farther away than they should have to.