Here's to the person who thought they weren't good enough to succeed.

You tried to make the best of it, but unfortunately, school isn't for everyone. You were ok with some materials, but you weren't really the best at the ones that "mattered." You were good at other things, but that still didn't stop you from feeling awful whenever you would bring your report card home and saw your parents' disappointed look in their eyes.

Whenever you would go to family events, you had every family member come up to you and ask you what you were going to study in the future, and you would come up empty-handed. This was followed by brutal comments about how your other relatives were doing great in life.

"If only you could be like them."

Here's to the person who thought they weren't good enough for love.

It's difficult enough to follow in somebody's footsteps, but what's more difficult is to follow footsteps that aren't even there to be your guide. What's more difficult is the expectation to make a name for yourself when you don't even know who you are.

Love, although it is so small, can have such a big meaning and such a huge expectation of someone. Many do not know that love comes with such a high amount of commitment; it's something that we're all not ready for. Love is a word that can have a different meaning; love is meant to be different for all of us.

Relationships are tedious and difficult despite them being so sought out, so you sometimes can't understand why it's so difficult for you to find one. Suddenly, you hear whispers behind your head, family members wondering if something's wrong with you, if there's possibly a secret you're not letting them know.

Here's to the person who thought they weren't good enough.

You thought you weren't enough, but guess what? You are.

Not knowing what you want to be in life is okay; not knowing how you want to execute your plan is also okay. You not knowing is okay, too. Time can sometimes be cruel, however, it is also fair and just.

Love happens to us all differently at different times, different ages, different moments. You not being in love is okay, and you loving differently is also okay.

Life isn't about having things figured out: it's about not knowing what to do and to live the fullest until you can't anymore. Life isn't just about schoolwork and love: it's about experiences, moments, laughter, and fun.

To the person who thought they weren't good enough, guess what? You are.