To The Person Who Feels Guilty Taking Vacation Pictures

Listen, I love my Instagram as much as the next.

Often, I stage my own photos and even use Lightroom for my photo editing. At home, this is fun, but on vacation, it's a burden. It makes my stomach get all queasy and a sense of guilt overtakes me. Why?

Back in our regular lives, we use the phenomenon of documentation, taking pictures, to sweeten the occasional joyful moment. It's fun, and gives us something real we can look back at.

Yet on vacation, these joyful moments are everywhere. Instead of relishing the chase of one good photo, you're a hunter trying to shoot down a zillion birds at once. It's not possible, and it can make you feel overwhelmed. And you feel guilty for even trying, because that takes away time from just chilling and enjoying yourself.

But I confess to have done it anyways. Whether it be to sate my desire for Instagram likes, or to actually capture a moment, it's hard to resist.

So how do we navigate this?

Me in Hawaii, when I could've just been enjoying the beach.

The key is to be CONSCIOUS.

I don't think we should stop taking pictures on vacation. Yes, soaking up every experience without distraction or guilt is incredible, and everyone should have those kinds of vacations. But in today's era, you will want to remember where you've been and show your loved ones. CONSCIOUS of the fact that you feel compelled to take pictures. If you recognize where your head is at, you will more likely make choices to be present—or do whatever. Either way, the guilt will dissipate because you're looking it in the face.

Put your phone down the next time you're on vacation. Or maybe don't. Recognize the impossibility of capturing everything, and you may feel okay with just capturing some.

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