The other day, my mom went to get our fly swatter to kill a bug. In fear, my dog ran into the other room, hid under a table and wouldn't come out. When we use a stern voice, her face cowers and she backs away terrified. She barks and shakes in fear when people she doesn't know or trust walk by. This is what you did to her.

I don't know who you are. I don't know what exactly you did to this precious, sweet dog but I know you messed her up. I know you used your hands to do more than pet her. And I know that your life must be pretty miserable to take your anger and your failures out on an innocent creature.

For some reason, you decided it was okay to hit a little puppy. You scarred this little pup for life. And even now when she lives with people who wouldn't lay a hand on her in a million years, she is still terrified that we will because of you.

There is no excuse for what you did. Plenty of people have bad days, years, lives and don't take it out by beating a living creature. Plenty of people have pets who misbehave and they don't train them by beating them senseless. You had an always loyal, sometimes pain-in-the-ass dog and instead of loving her and playing with her and training her, you hit her. If she was too much, you could have given her up for adoption. But you didn't.

My heart breaks to think of what her life was like for the time you were her owner. It makes me sick to think of my sweet little pup being battered and beaten for no good reason. You, sir or ma'am, are scum. You are a horrible person who deserves nothing good. If it hasn't already, this will catch up to you.

If you were wondering, she is doing well. She has a big house with a big yard and she runs around and plays all the time. She jumps and smiles when her humans get home, no matter how long they were gone. She wears a pink collar and loves when someone accidentally drops some of their food.

She belongs to people who pet her and take photos of her and play with her and laugh at her and more than anything, love her. She did not deserve what you did to her, but she is happy now and I'm sure, somewhere out in the world, your miserable self is not.

You damaged her, but you did not break her. And now nothing ever will.