At the mere age of 18, I lost friends, classmates, and family. I’ve lost people i have seen just three months before, gone. I have lost classmates that were the happiest people. I have lost family that were supposed to live to their 90’s.

At that party on New Years, I was talking to you. We laughed and you were one of the sweetest people I have ever met. To think you’re gone is crazy, you had a good head on your shoulders. All your friends miss you, we all miss you.

We were classmates. I didn’t personally know you. But everyone I knew, knew you. I’ve seen you around school. You always had a smile on your face. The happiest guy I’ve ever seen. You had big plans in your life. Everyone here misses you. The memories you made still leaves an impression on everyone you came in contact with.

You were my hero. My first love. I still miss you to this day. Words can’t describe the feeling I have when I see other little girls with their Daddy’s. I don’t have that, I never will. I miss you Daddy. I would do anything to see you and have one conversation with you.

At 18 I shouldn’t be losing so many people around me. They’re supposed to live till they’re 90. Losing the classmates that their smiles could brighten your day. That were so happy, but inside were miserable. We could never see it, they put on that front.

I’ve lost friends, classmates, family. I’ve seen people pass away at a young age. We miss them all, we wish we could talk to them one more time, we wish we can hug them once more to tell them that we love them so very much.

What would you say to those ones we loved, if you knew that would be your last conversation. What could you differently, to help save them. Would you tell them all your hopes and dreams. Would you ask them for advice for the future? What would you do?

To the others who have lost people at a young age, the pain never gets easier. You’re not alone. You have someone watching over you, your own guardian angel. To the ones in heaven, we miss you more than anything. Watch over us as we go through this next week, it’s going to be rough. But keep us safe. Give us that strength to go through. We will keep your legacies alive. You might be gone, but your memories are still withheld in our hearts. We all love you. Rest easy from your friends and families down here. From the classmates to the acquaintances, we miss you.