It gets better.

I wish I could sit here and tell you all the answers. I wish I could tell you how much time it takes to heal. I wish I could wave a magic wand and take every ounce of your pain away.

But unfortunately, I cannot.

What I can do though, is promise you there is hope. Hope that your aching soul will not ache forever. Hope that the sick, sinking feeling in your stomach will go away. And hope that your broken heart, will beat again.

What is meant to be will ALWAYS find a way.

Cliche, I know. But oh so true.

One of two things are going to happen now; that person who you thought was your soul mate, may truly be, and if so you will somehow, someway, at the perfect time; find your way back to each other. Because true love, will always find its way back no matter how far it has strayed. Or, that person who has left you with this aching heart, perhaps was never actually your soul mate. They were never truly yours. And no matter what, no matter how hard you try, you will never end up with them, because it was never meant to be.

I know. I know that hurts. The thought of never getting back together. I know that everything felt so right, so fairytale like, so perfect with them. So, it seems unfathomable that it was never meant to last.

But think about this, if it could feel so right with the wrong person, imagine just how amazing it will feel when you are truly with the RIGHT person.

Pretty crazy to think about huh? Hard to imagine how perfect things will feel, when you truly, find your "person." The one and only person, designed to be with you.

I do not want you to think that your broken heart and ended relationships were ever a waste. Because they were not. They were learning experiences. Growing experiences. But most of all, they were stepping stones. Stepping stones on the beautifully broken road that will eventually lead you straight into the arms of your other half.

You had to lose pieces of your heart. You had to lose them because they were never meant to stay there. There are pieces of our heart that are only meant to find a temporary home there. And then when we are ready, they shed in order for our heart to find its true pieces that make up home. The fact that your heart is broken is a good sign. It means your soul is preparing you to have a heart that fits perfectly with someone else's brokenness.

You see, our hearts shatter because they were never whole to begin with. Because true love is what creates an unbreakable heart. So when your heart breaks, despite how bad it hurts, it shows us that what we had was never true love to begin with.

And that, that hurts. It hurts to think that what you had was not actually true love. But what you had WAS necessary. It happened for a reason, a very specific one, that from the inside looking out we cannot quite understand. Because you see, with every break of your heart, it is being shaped into the perfect puzzle piece that matches someone else's.

So what if, what if a broken heart is not a sign of being lost and hopeless? What if it is a sign that you are one step closer to meeting your "person?"

If we never break, we would never know what we are truly made of. We would never know what it is that we need in order to put ourselves back together. But a broken heart lets us see the most vulnerable, raw, beauty that we possess.

A heart is not complete in the hands of one soul. A heart becomes whole when two broken hearts come together and fit perfectly into each others jagged edges. Each crack is filled with a piece of the other persons heart. And as these pieces of one another mend together, both souls become whole under the power of true love.

A broken heart is not an indication of a broken person. A broken heart is not a sign of hopelessness. A broken heart is proof that you are being sculpted into a soul that is ready to experience true love to the most extreme degree.

We will never have true love unless we first experience a broken heart. For true love does not appear from perfection, instead true love grows between the cracks of your brokenness.

Imagine this, there is a person out there, your person, experiencing a broken heart too. And their heart is also being shaped through their brokenness to some day meet your heart. And together, your two broken hearts will make a whole. A beautifully whole heart, with a never ending supply of unfailing, utterly true, love.

So yes, someone broke your heart. And it hurts, rightfully so. It hurts like hell. But the hurt is not a waste. You are one step closer, perhaps even just one step away, to finding the other half of your heart.

I cannot tell you when it will happen. But I do know this. God, mother nature, the universe... has a very funny way of timing things just perfectly. So do not stress. You do not have to be on the lookout for love. You will not miss it. In fact, love tends to come when we are not looking for it at all.

Do not worry. Take this time to focus on you. Let yourself heal. Let the pain make you stronger, wiser, better. Do not let it make you bitter. For a bitter heart will never be ready for love.

Do not go searching for love, or you will miss out on all the love that is right in front of you.

Above all, let go of the fear of "how will I know?" I know it is scary, you thought you had it all figured out. But I promise you one day it will just hit you. To quote the movie 500 days of summer, "I just woke up one day and I knew." "Knew what?" "What I was never sure of with you."

You will know. Just like that. Maybe not immediately, but you WILL know. And when it hits you, every time your heart broke will suddenly make sense. Because in that moment, you will realize your heart is finally whole, your soul is home, and your person is now and forever, yours.