To the One Who Held Me Back

Please get away from me. I hate you. You took everything good out of me and caused me to become someone that I'm not.

I was a kind, loving, well-spoken young lady who is now unsure of her true identity. You are the only one to blame for this.

You abused and used me. You took my money, my time, and most importantly my dignity. I am so lost and don't know which way to turn. I became dependent upon you and now without your self-proclaimed calming voice inside my head, I have no one to rely on.

I can't trust anyone because of you. I have turned against those who are there for me and truly want the best for me all because of the lies and unkind words you made me believe. They kept telling me to run to get away from you, but I did not listen. I kept pushing myself further and further down into the black hole that now envelopes my life.

The manipulation is still existing in my deepest thoughts. I remember you told me that I am worthless, not worth the time of the lowest scum that ever walked this world. You told me that I would never be good enough for you.

Here I am today still stuck in your trap while good-hearted people try to break me out of this spell. You may think that this is not your fault, that you left my life and the aftermath is all on me. You are wrong. You caused all of this and the sweetest revenge is letting you know that you don't matter to me.

So even though I am in the same position you left me in, I promise you that I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that you watch me fly. You tried to hold me down all this time and you will watch me take off. I hope you enjoy the view from below where you belong.

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