Open Letter To The Love I Haven't Met Yet

Open Letter To The Love I Haven't Met Yet

My unknown dearest, please treat me with care.

Dear Love,

I'm not used to this kind of thing, so please go slow with me. I have yet to experience love, or anything similar to it, and all I ask is you show me at my own pace. I will not surrender my well-being for you, because I have to be my own person, too. I'm not saying that I will not give you my all, because finding someone hasn't been easy. I've searched for you for a long time, even though the people around me told me that I should stop, and you will come to me on your own.

The truth is, I couldn't do that. I'm very persistent and know what I want when I see it. I'm not sure how I will meet you, where I'll meet you, or when, but just know that as soon as we meet, I will immediately be able to tell what it is. I hope you can recognize these feelings too, maybe not right away, but eventually. Although I'll know right away, I will still be just as confused as you will, because I won't know how to handle the way I feel.

With that being said, just keep in mind that I will always be there for you, anytime you need me. I will care for and love you no matter what and will be devoted to you in every way imaginable. I'm a romantic, so cute dates and watching the sunset together are what I prefer, but I also don't mind spending the entire Saturday flipping between football games while we snuggle on the couch (sometimes this means more to me than you realize).

When you meet my family, shake my father's hand with respect, because he is my world. If my daddy doesn't like you, odds are things won't last very long. Don't let this intimate you, because I chose you with this in mind. I cherish family, and love to spend as much time with them as I can, and I hope you feel the same about yours as well.

Heartbreak, something that goes hand in hand with being in love, is also something I haven't experienced (in this sense, anyway). So when it inevitably happens, be prepared that I will break down. I won't let you see me that way, but when I'm alone it will overcome me. I'm not sure how long it will affect me, depends on how badly I have been hurt, but once I do get past the hurt, I will rise taller than before, and will only thank you for making me stronger.



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12 Things That Happen When Your Person Is Far Away


The concept of having "a person" was first introduced by "Grey's Anatomy," and took off faster than I'm sure the writers expected. For a lot of us, our person is far away. Here are some things that happen when this is you and your person:

1. You will have separation anxiety right off the bat.

2. You get irrationally jealous when they post a picture with someone else.

3. You literally text each other about everything, and I mean everything.

4. You know better than to call them if you have less than an hour to talk.

5. You stalk their Instagram so you still feel like a part of their life.

6. All your school friends know who they are because you're constantly telling stories about them.

7. When you come home for breaks they're usually the first person you see.

8. They're also usually the last person you see.

9. Your Snapchat streak is abnormally high.

10. You tell them you love them more than your significant other.

11. You send an average of 400 texts to each other in one day.

12. You miss having someone you don't have to explain anything to.

To my person, I love you no matter the distance! Thanks for always being there for me.

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Thank You, To The Women Who Loved My Boyfriend Before Me

I don't know who taught you to be the way you are, but I am thankful for them.


I am so thankful for the women who loved you. Whether they were flings or long-term relationships, I am thankful for them.

I am thankful for the girl you dated in high school who broke your heart for the first time and I am thankful for the girls you fantasized about in your college classes. These women did nothing wrong. They were new to the dating world just like you and maybe you both honestly thought it would work out in the long run, but I am so happy they didn't.

The women before me loved you.

They helped you learn how to love someone. They taught you how to express feelings and the value of being held.

They helped you through brokenness I never could've and expanded your views of the world.

All the good and bad in those relationships help you and I have the relationship we have now. I'm not saying being your partner is always easy, sometimes we argue or get on each other's nerves.

However, you come at every situation with compassion and laughter. I don't know who taught you to be the way you are, but I am thankful for them.

I'm most thankful for your mom.

I haven't met her, although one day I hope to, she created you. She raised you to be the person you are today.

You are authentic, grounded, compassionate and driven. You are the most selfless person I have met and I know you got that from watching your mother be the same way.

You have this way of being vulnerable and elegant, even when we dance like robots in the kitchen. Your joy fills our home and all I know is that if I want to be with someone, its someone like that.

Thank you, to the females who were before me, you helped form the man I adore.

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