To the little brother I ‘left behind:'

Thank you for being my biggest fan and supporting me all the way, even though me leaving was not easy. You let me go, the same way that Mom and Dad did. You could have thrown a fit and tried to chase Ben off, but you aren’t that kind of person. You were and still are super supportive, literally, you are the best brother ever, even to Ben.

I know that I promised you I would be at so many things, especially since it is your senior year. I hate that I am so far away. I wanted to see you off to your first last day of high school, last homecoming, all your FFA stuff especially since you’re the President, prom, heck even your actual graduation. I am going to do everything I possibly can so I don’t miss your party. Heck, I’m going to miss you giving up fair king and your last year showing, most likely your move-in day of college, or even your first day. I am so sorry that I am missing a lot. You know better than I do that this was not how I thought my life would roll.

When we were little, no way either of us thought this would happen. We would get mad at each other and not talk for days, even though we shared a bedroom wall. But no matter what we always have each other’s backs. We drop everything for each other, we really are inseparable.

I am so lucky to have a brother like you. I am so glad that you and Ben get along so well and you include and treat him like he is your brother. It makes me so happy. I know I got ‘taken away’ pretty early and kind of to the extreme. But you don’t hold it against Ben. You never were discouraging or mean, or tried to prevent or throw a wrench in it. You were great through all of it, especially the day I left. You didn’t see it, but leaving town was hard, not going to lie, there were some tears. And I absolutely hated you could not come out here with Mom and Dad to bring me my stuff.

While some of your habits drive me up the wall, I hate that you are not always walking past my bedroom door and usually peeping in to say something, usually extremely random. I hate that I cannot just yell through the wall to tell you something, even the random stuff. I hate that I do not get to tease your during NASCAR races because my drivers are usually better than yours. I miss randomly walking into your room to talk about our days, or to make fun of people. Or you just sitting down on my bed for the fun of it, sometimes we did not even have something to talk about. You give the best advice when it counts, and you can make me laugh until I would tear up. I miss having what we would call 'bro time' to talk about trucks and tractors.

You would drop anything to support me especially with Queen stuff three years ago, and basically everything my senior yearof high school. You would help me with FFA stuff all of the time. Even though you were just a freshman, you knew how it worked. You never complained about helping me. We were always a team. Even though I am your sister, we are bros.

I will always try to find a way to make up for how much I am missing. And trust me, so many things are happening here I wish you could see. A year ago, at this time, both of us figured that you would get married first and for sure you would move out first. While we really missed that one, one thing stayed true. You always wanted to know about that ‘Army guy’ I was always talking to. Well, a year later we are both counting down the days until we get to spend time with you. I wish you could for sure visit soon.

Your senior picture of me and you sit on my desk, right next to Ben’s. I get to see it every day. While it is the only picture of us to exist that I know of, of us hugging, there could not be two sibling’s closer than us. The only way we could be closer is if we actually looked alike!

I cannot wait to see you. Honestly, I cannot wait until you can come here. There are so many things Ben and I want to show you and so many places we want to take you. Until then, you always know that both of us a FaceTime or a phone call away. You know we both always answer.

I only got one little brother, but I got the best one.