I spend eight hours of every day and forty hours of every week with you guys. You all drive me up the walls some days, but I wouldn't trade being with all of you for anything in the world. I wipe your tears, kiss your boo-boos, and I spend those hard naptimes cuddling and rocking you to help you rest easy - and that's probably the best thing that I could ask for in a job.

I read stories to you. We explore the world of "Snappy Farm", and we tell Big Green Monsters to "GO AWAY" on a daily basis. We feed our class fish together, and we laugh and smile as we watch them swim frantically to the top of the tank for their breakfast.

We sing songs about washing hands, itsy bitsy spiders, and about how much Jesus loves each of you so very much. I love watching you all sing about His love and attempt your own version of all of the hand motions. At meal times, you use the sign language we have learned together to express yourself when you can't quite put the words together. We laugh, we play, and we learn - together.

You have taught me so much about life, really.

You taught me to let the little things go. You taught me that it's okay to cry when you're overwhelmed. You taught me that dancing like a crazy person is more fun than it is embarrassing. You taught me that it's possible to love so many tiny people with all of my heart. You taught me that I'm not the only teacher in the classroom because some days I wonder if you're the one teaching me, instead of the other way around.

I hope you know that you taught me so much about children, more than any professor ever will.