To The Girl Who Thinks She Will Never Heal

Heartbreak is cruel.

This is a truth that everybody has had to face since the beginning of time. Love is a beautiful light that is sometimes unfairly extinguished. We try our hardest to protect it and shield it from everything that could endanger it, but sometimes it goes out as easily as it was ignited.

You gave that boy everything you had. You invested so much time and effort into him. It was so hard for you to let yourself trust someone new, to allow someone to break down your walls and see who you really are. Yet you did it for him. Brick by brick, he tore down the protective fortress you had built around yourself. He saw the real you, the vulnerable you.

His eyes became the ocean you were willing to drown in. His arms became your comfort zone and you finally realized that maybe home could be found within another human being. His voice became the one thing you clung onto in the darkness.

Every single thing about him was like a hint to an intricate puzzle you were aching to solve. You learned his favorite color, the song he hums underneath his breath when he thinks no one can hear him, the way he feels about his family. He told you endless stories that you ate right up just because you wanted to know everything there was to know about him.

You let him walk right into your heart like a buyer walking into his brand new home. You told him about the song that always makes you cry, why you love the smell of brand new books, the reason why you love photographs.

Maybe he was just as broken as you. Maybe he had been through his share of pain as well. And you felt the urge to protect him, to shield him from any further pain, to love him like no one else had before. Maybe you felt that you had finally found your kindred spirit, that your souls were bound by a single characteristic; broken, but slowly healing.

His happiness became the center of your world and you forgot about yourself in the process. You started bending yourself to fit his demands and morphing into someone other than yourself. You convinced yourself that love was exactly that: putting your lover first and putting yourself last, suppressing the urges you needed to fulfill in order to fulfill his.

When he left, you shattered.

You felt that nothing could ever put you back together again. He had seen every part of you, the light and the dark, and he had chosen to walk away. The one person who seemed to understand you, despite all the walls you put up, had given up on loving you. You beat yourself up, telling yourself that no matter how hard you fight, it will never be good enough. Misery became all you knew and you let yourself sink into a cloud of self-doubt and sadness.

But I have something to tell you.

This is not the end because he is not the one.

The love of your life is coming. And he is right for you. He will never leave you stranded or abandoned. He will glimpse every single corner of your being and love every bit of you. He will look at your flaws and say "that's alright, look at all of mine". He will never want to change who you are because his soul will complement yours in every way. Where you are rough, he will be gentle. Where you are doubtful, he will be steady.

You deserve to be loved fully and irrevocably. You deserve to fall in love so deeply that you feel that you might explode from sheer bliss. You deserve a man who will stop at nothing to make you glow with happiness, not a boy who only thinks about himself and his physical needs.

That boy did not love you. He only wanted you. That is not enough to last a lifetime. It is not enough to satisfy your heart.

Love is kind and caring. It is a balancing act that two people willingly choose to participate in. Maybe one day, you only feel like giving 20%. He will be there with the other 80%. When he only feels like giving 10%, you will have to put in the other 90%.

Love is trust, partnership, and friendship. It is not perfect, but it is worth it.

So wipe your tears away. Don't give that boy the satisfaction of seeing the pain bring you to your knees. Do not ignore your pain because it will make you stronger. Just don't let it sweep you away in its endless storm. You will survive, you will make it through to the other side.

It doesn't feel like it now, but I promise you will heal. It may take a week, a month, a year, ten years, it doesn't matter at all. However long it takes, happiness will find you. Just breathe and keep going. One step at a time.

Life is too short to stop living because one foolish man broke your heart. He did not realize how much you are worth. It was not the right person and not the right time. Your once in a lifetime love is coming. You've got your whole life ahead of you. Just love yourself and take care of your mind, body, and soul. When you stop looking for love, it will find you.

So keep on going because this is not the end of your story. Your happily ever after is coming. Everything will click into place in the end. You'll see.

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