Girl, I get it. You saw that one horrifying ADPi recruitment video when you were 14 and you thought, “No thanks, not for me.” I was in the exact same boat.

I entered my freshman year giggling at the girls who dressed to the nines in 105-degree weather to impress upperclassmen in hopes they’d be invited to join their clique.

When I got an email from my now-sorority’s Recruitment Chair inviting me to a Pumpkin Painting Party in October, I laughed out loud and made fun of it with my roommate (spoiler alert: she joined too).

The only reason I showed up to paint pumpkins was because one sister went out of her way to invite me face to face. I knew then that this wasn’t a sorority who was in it for the numbers, they genuinely wanted to make me a part of their sisterhood.

So, I went. Long story short, I loved it. It wasn’t the picture of tall, skinny, blonde, white girls that I’d always had in my mind. As far as sororities go, I’d never seen one like it.

Since joining, I have made friends that I never thought I’d have. My Big (I know, a gross sorority word) is one of my best friends. I recruited my roommate and a random girl from my English class, and both of those friendships have continuously bloomed since. I have a list of 144 women that I could call at any time and say the words, “I need you,” and they’d be with me in ten minutes.

Not every sorority is like mine, but I’m convinced there is at least one like it on every campus that has Greek Life. So give it a try. Open your mind to change and invite amazing new people and experiences into your life.

If you find it isn’t for you, no harm done. At least you can say you gave it a shot.