To the girl who wakes up to a blank phone, no texts or notifications welcoming her back. Who leaves a party to sit in the hallway just to see if anyone would notice she’s left.

To the girl who’s surrounded by so many people — by colleagues and professors and strangers on the street — who still feels lost in that sea of people, forgotten, overlooked and ignored.

You may find yourself asking why you put faith in those who end up tossing you aside. “Don’t have such high expectations of people,” your mother says, “they’ll let you down.” You may find yourself thinking how sad it is that those words ring true, that you know deep down people will disappoint you. You may ask why you’re so cynical, why you doubt the friendships you’ve made and the motives of those around you.

Because you’ve been proven right, no matter how strongly you wish to be proven wrong.

To the girl who feels alone, sitting on her bed, her bare nails tapping on lit up keys. Who questions everything, who is skeptical of love, who thinks she will never know true happiness…

Stop. Stop typing. Stop questioning.


Yes, people may disappoint you, yes, you may feel unnoticed and unwanted. But there’s something quite extraordinary about you, the girl who feels alone. You have something no one else has.

You have yourself.

You have a heart that loves and a mind that cares, a hand that gives and arms that embrace.

And that is enough.

I am enough.