I see you. I see you sitting over there all heartbroken and upset. I see you sitting there wondering if you will ever be good enough for anyone. I also see you sitting over there upset over a guy that has made you feel like you aren't worth anything.

The male ego is a fragile thing, it can break at an instant but it will grow and inflate at the drop of a hat. Males having confidence is great and all but when they become so engrossed with themselves that tearing women down is the only thing that can make them feel good about themselves along with pulling at the insecurities of young girls just to stroke their ego... That's where it becomes a problem.

I know this first hand because it has personally happened to me. Let me just give you an example of my favorite one, “I didn’t actually like you anyway, you are just fat and lazy.” No, you did like me until I turned you down. Now you are just butthurt and this is the only way you can make yourself feel better about being rejected!

It’s honestly sad. It’s sad that they feel the need to completely humiliate you because they can’t take rejection. When they lash out at a woman like this, it is a result of their ego being cracked and bruised which by no means is okay. It is the farthest thing from okay. It is the worst thing you could do because eventually, the girl starts to think she is no good.

Life gets rough sometimes and there isn’t anything you can do about it. You just have to let this phase in your life pass by. Eventually, you will learn how much you really deserve and won’t settle for anything less than that.

The truth is, yes, you will be good enough for someone at some point in your life! It might not be right now but your time is coming! It’s hard to move on from someone when you start to develop a “crush” on them, and it kills you because there is no way to change the other person... Which makes you wonder; am I good enough? Am I that bad to talk to? Am I annoying? All these what ifs run through your head and it’s killing you.

I sometimes find myself in the same place you are, lost and confused as to what’s wrong with me... Always asking if there is something wrong with me. Then I realize that I live in a small town and talk to the same people I grew up with. I need to get out of here and start a new life.

Just know that you are worth something and you are beautiful! Don’t let anyone tell you differently! Don’t change for anyone but yourself! So, with that all being said, go out there and prove to all those guys that ever told you that you weren’t beautiful that you are beautiful and will succeed in life!