I totally get it. I am too.

I mean, how we can not? Love is everywhere. It's in the media, on television shows, embedded in song lyrics, scripted perfectly in novels, our friends have it, our family members have it, when will it be our turn?

When you hear love songs come on in the car, you dream of the day your future lover will sing that song to you. When you watch movies, you fantasize about the man in the movie who says the perfect words to win the girl's heart.

I know you spend your nights wide awake thinking of all of the possibilities of when your prince charming will finally come into your life. Don't worry honey, I do too.

From little and on, Disney covered our television screens with unrealistic expectations as to what love is and how we were going to find it. We imagined our prince would kiss us and all of our troubles would go away like Snow White. We thought our prince charming was going to search for us at all costs like Cinderella. We hoped for the day a man would look at us the way Flynn Ryder looked at Rapunzel or Prince Eric looked at Ariel, but that is not going to happen.

You wait day in and day out for your love story to come, but it never does.

You wanna know why?

We are not Disney Princesses.

We are not actresses, script writers, or musicians.

We cannot enact someone's made up love story. Instead, we have to create our own.

I know you won't believe me when I say this, but your time will come soon, I promise.

Your prince charming may not come riding a horse or driving the fastest car in town. He may not have a perfectly defined jaw line or the biggest muscles, but that stuff doesn't matter.

What does matter, though, is his ability to light up your life with his smile. His ability to make you laugh until your stomach hurts. He will make you stronger, happier, and appreciative. He will allow you to trust again and help break down your walls. He will make you a better person each and every day and his heart will love you ten times more than any prince charming or knight in shining armor ever would.

I promise you that it won't be like the movies, it will be so much better than that because it will be your experience and yours alone. It will be an experience so great, you will laugh as you tell your future kids one day.

When the love of your life comes walking through the doors, you will know. At least that's what I've been told.

But until that day comes, stop romanticizing, stop comparing your life to the latest cheesy love story. Your time will come and it will be so much better, I promise you that.


The girl who loves love stories too.