Falling in love is like no other feeling in the human body, especially falling in love for the first time.

It is an all-consuming feeling that brings you a certain kind of happiness that you have never experienced before. This kind of feeling can be addicting, making it hard to have a clear and rational judgment about certain things.

Love can bring you higher than you have ever been before, but it can also break you down lower than you thought possible. When love turns to hate and you feel broken, you need someone to be there to help you back up again, you need a friend. Relationships come and go, but friendships last a lifetime… through both thick and thin.

It is easy to become so wrapped up in love and your relationship that you forget to call your best friend back, wish them good luck on that test, or just be there for them when they need you.

Slowly, once you start making yourself and your relationship more of a priority than your friendships, your friends learn how to live without you around. They will make new friends and stop putting effort into your friendship because they figure all you care about is your boyfriend. It is easy to just get comfortable in your relationship and think that is all you need to bring you happiness, but that is unhealthy for both you and your partner. You need your own friends and your own space so that you can both thrive as individuals and as a couple.

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When times get tough and you and your significant other break up, nothing is worse than having no one to lean on for support. If you push away all of your friends for a relationship, you will be all alone when that relationship ends. You will have to start over from scratch, learn from your mistake, and work to build new friendships to try to replace the ones you lost.

Though it may be hard to maintain both a relationship and friendships, put in the extra effort and never let your friendships slip away. Being a friend and having a friend will always be the most rewarding feeling there is, no matter what.