Drama. That's what happened to us. A bunch of "he said-she said" nonsense along with the feelings of me going off to college and not being there for yo. I get it.

You were one of my first friends when I moved halfway through high school, and although it took us a few days to get to know each other, we got really close. We told each other everything and left nothing out.

With the first guy I wanted to fall for, you told me "He's not good enough," and I will never forget that. But of course I didn't listen and I fell for the boy anyways... yet you were there to dry my eyes anyways. I really appreciated you, and I still do.

You graduated first, and I was so proud of you. You were/are destined for big things, then the next year I graduated. You got me the best graduation gift... A yellow rose. You knew how much that meant to me and you made sure I had one on my special day. You were my best friend.

Then I went off to college. The University of Alabama, I hit I-65 and didn't look back. I wanted out of this small town and I wanted to see where I could go. Leaving my best friend, my boyfriend, and my family all behind.

You were the first to notice the change. I would go out with other students in my dorms and you would always text me "You sure you wanna go out?" and I'd honestly ignore it because I knew how much you cared and how you were disappointed. Then things got bad between us. We barely spoke or even text for that matter.

Then a year flew by, and my boyfriend of over a year and I broke up... I texted you, and you were there. We reconnected and you caught me up on the boy you were liking. I felt good knowing I had one of my best friends back...it meant the world to me.

But here we are. Just another like on Facebook and Instagram, watching each other's lives go on... This isn't the way I wanted it to be, and I am so sorry.

I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. I'm sorry I left and decided to leave everything I had. I'm sorry for making all those memories and acting like they didn't mean anything — because they did. They meant everything. From rolling yards to bowling, to just driving around listening to music and singing so loud people on Snapchat hated us, they were memories I will forever cherish. I'm tired of fighting and arguing and not having you in my life. There's so much I want to share with you, and so much I want to be a part of from your life, but I know that's behind us.

I just hope that you're doing great and that God blesses you with everything you deserve. Always remember you're a beautiful person inside and out. I'll always love you