To The Freshmen Moving Into My Dorm...

In just a few short weeks the semester will be starting, and my freshman year dorm will no longer be "my freshman year dorm." Instead, someone else will haul their belongings up the flights of stairs and call 366 their new home away from home. Whoever is moving into my dorm, just know that my roommates and I called this little space our home; and you will find that you will too.

The reality of college will settle in as you begin to settle in. Move in day, to say the least, will be hectic, along with hundreds of other freshmen running around trying to move all of their stuff in. We didn't really know anyone, but throughout the year we knew about everyone on our wing. Chances are that you won't know anyone either and living with strangers might be, well, strange. However, you will get to know these people over the course of the school year.

The common room was more than just a place to watch TV. We ate Domino's, had dance parties, and stayed true to ourselves.

It's going to be weird sleeping in a bed that isn't at home, but know that you will get used to it.

You will find that a room is more than just a room. It is where you make memories, friends, those good times and bad, and long days and nights you will never forget.

A freshmen year dorm, amid all the decorations and memories, has learning experiences. We grow and find ourselves and each other among the Netflix marathons and endless homework.

So, don't be afraid to leave your door open when you're just hanging out- because that is how you meet people and get closer with your hall. (That's what our hall did and we were all pretty cool with each other ).

Don't be afraid to branch out, try new things, and join clubs. Because at the end of the year, you will walk out of our dorm a different person; stronger, smarter and better, like I did.

Welcome to Ash 366. It will treat you well if you do the same. The tiny dorm that we called home for the year ended up being more than just a home, and I'm sure you will find this out for yourselves as well.

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