Sometimes in life, we come across those who feel the need to control others. They see the world in their single view and have a hard time differentiating how they can live their own way while allowing others to live differently.

These people can be very open about their controlling personality or they may hide it, but the signs still remain.

You can tell someone is trying to control you when they question everything you do or say. Their biggest question is, "Why?" Why are you doing that? Why are you wearing that? Why did you say that? Why do you like that? The list goes on and on.

These controlling people want your answers, but truthfully you just respond with, "Because that's what I want to do or wear or say." There comes a point in time when controlling people become unenjoyable to be around. They are constantly wishing everyone in the room was more like them. They want everyone to agree.

When you feel that someone like this is in your life, you need to ask yourself how you can either manage with it or get away from it.

Most times, controlling people do not see themselves as controlling. They see themselves stating their opinions and beliefs with strong feelings behind it. They see themselves influencing others by sharing what they like or believe, in hopes they will then agree.

If someone is trying to change what you like or do not like, what you believe, or even how you feel, DO NOT let them.

Some controlling people are manageable, but some are not. If you approach a person who you feel is trying to control you and they are very understanding about what has been going on, you may be able to open their eyes to see the world in a different view of the beauty within individuality. When you approach a person who is unmanageable, they will be very irritable and flip the blame onto you. They will believe that they are not controlling you what so ever and they are not wrong.

With these unmanageable people, you need to walk away. Not only for yourself, but it will help them in the long run. When these controlling people are left with no one, they will sit down and think about what they have done. They have destroyed the beauty of individuality.

We are all different for a reason and when someone is trying to control you, they are blind to it.

Next time you feel like you are being controlled, please remember these things:

You can wear whatever you want.

You can eat whatever you want.

You can speak your mind.

You can study wherever you feel most comfortable.

You can workout at whatever gym you enjoy best.

You can lay in bed and cry if you want.

The list goes on and on...

But, you do not have to listen to the person in your ear trying to control you and change who you are. Be you.