One, you don’t know me.

Two, you need to sit the hell down.

I was out with one of my friends one Saturday night—we were just cracking jokes, talking sh*t and having a good time. We have a lot in common when it comes to dating, the type of boys we like and not judging our friends for doing what makes them happy. We were talking and I kind of mentioned how I had hung out with this boy in my building the night before and he had straight up said something to the effect of “girl, I know you’re insecure and you can’t resist me.”

Of course, I was pissed and told him to leave. But, as we were talking about boys, drama and such I thought about how mad this irrelevant boy had made me.

I’m pretty open about my feelings or the sh*t I have going on, so someone straight up calling me insecure made me feel like crying and I almost did when this rando said that to me, but obviously, I held it back and didn’t cry in front of him.

Anyway, I’m open and so what if I’m a little insecure? Everyone is insecure about something!!! If that’s the worst thing about me I’m freakin’ fine with that. I would NEVER blatantly call someone insecure to their face. What does that even mean? What kind of a person is that rude? Freaking rude as heck if you ask me.

There are people I don’t like and there are people I do—whatever. I’m not going to directly try to tear anyone down no matter what is going on. I’m insecure? Maybe. But, I also love myself and I’m happier than I’ve been in a while.


Rude as heck if you ask me.

College is rough and life is rough honestly, but I’m out here supporting my friends and not trying to bring people down.

One of my homies always says “don’t let the haters bring you down.” And, she’s so right!

To the boy that called me insecure… I think you’re the one with all the issues. You’re 19 years old and still stuck in high school—you’re out here hurting other people just to make yourself feel better.


It is 2017, I don’t have time for people stamping their labels on me or calling me out when they need to check themselves.

We’re all a little messed up, so there was no need for you to tell me WHO I AM because I didn’t want to hook up with you.