I've always wanted to know what it would be like to have a big brother in the family, and now I'm stuck with you. Totally kidding because you have only made this family better from the day we first met you. You might hate every minute of this article, but it is something that needs to be said at one point or another and why not share my appreciation with everyone else too?

The first thing that comes to mind when beginning this is thank you. Thank you for wanting to join our not so normal family and doing it with open arms. You may be in love with my big sister, but that didn't mean you needed to love the rest of us. Knowing that you do makes my heart and the rest of the family's full of joy. Thank you for taking care of my big sister and making her blissfully happy. I knew the day would come that someone would take my job of taking care of her and you did that quite well. I mean I may be the little sis, but we all know she needs some taking care of here and there.

Thank you for being patient and kind with her and helping her find her one true love. She may not be the easiest girl from time to time but you make it seem as easy as can be. Thank you for being the one to always be by her side through thick and thin and loving her for all there is. All I have ever wanted for her is to be happy. With you, I am reassured that will always be the case. You will always have her appreciation for you and what you do, but know that I will always appreciate it just a little bit more. You took my big sister, my favorite person, my one true friend and my "other half." I'm the lucky one that she happened to fall into the right hands.

But enough of about her. I mean this is about you, right? I guess the thank yous continue as this piece goes along because you have done more than just be a great guy for her. You have taken me in with open arms as well and allowed me to be a third wheel on multiple occasions (a great one may I add). I was very lucky that you not only liked to be with my sister, but me as well. Thank you for letting me stay involved in now what is both of your lives and not just hers. It may be frustrating to you at times that we are such close sisters, but it means a lot to me that you take the time to include me as well.

Thank you for being a big brother I haven't had and looking out for me if/when I've needed it. You too have become a best friend and nothing will change that. You've showed me what true love is by watching you and her together. You have showed me your hard work ethic through your schooling and dedication to everything in your life. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family as you are a part of ours.

Most of the times we have together are in good laughter and fun, but I wanted to make sure that you knew just how much you meant to me and the family. We all know the wedding will be one of the best anyone has yet to see, so I figured I would cut the sappiness part of my speech down to a few sentences and share the rest in advance. I cannot wait to be a part of both of your lives and see you two grow together. There is no better person to be by my sister's side and we are lucky to have you in our family. The world better watch out, because next year the power couple will 'officially' begin reigning.