I move into you tomorrow, and you are about to meet some amazing people. My roommates and I are going to fill you up with an unbearable amount of shoes, clothes, and memories. You will witness us all crying, laughing, freaking out, and making memories.

You will hold many study sessions, parties, movies nights, and heartbreaks. All of these being apart of life.

Your kitchen will probably not get much use out of it from me because personally, I have no idea how to cook. Your door will be opened about a million times, sometimes being slammed. Your walls will have holes created by us, but will eventually be filled in. Your floors will become scratched from heels, or from us goofing off.

You are the symbolism of a new beginning. A place none of us have memories yet. A place where nothing reminds us of anything, both good and bad. You are a fresh start that some of us need. You are a blank canvas in which we get to paint as we move in one by one. And you know we will make sure you are beautiful.

You will have visitors. Some regular, some here and there, and some you will see once and never see again. Some visitors will leave marks on you, while others will leave you unmarked.

And then when the year has come and gone, we will move out. Leaving behind our good times for the next renter to have no clue what happened. And that is that.