Running up and down the field was a blast for me.

Shooting from half court was always a thrill.

Jumping into the foam pit was a prize.

Dancing for hours was always my favorite.

Cheering on the sidelines was a must.

During my elementary and middle school days, I played soccer, basketball, gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance. I was eager to run from each activity to the next with more energy than a jelly bean. I was always looking forward to recess at school where I would play hardcore with all the boys on the soccer field. My mom's friend actually said I was wheezing from asthma every single recess because of how hard I went.

It is so funny to think about the little brown-haired, skinny, cute girl running up and down the soccer field at Wayside Elementary School, wearing plaid shorts and a pink shirt. I was the most athletic girl and girly-girl at the same time.

Despite recess, I played soccer on many different teams over the years. When I was 6, I was putting my hair into a "messy" bun (that I had just learned to do) on the soccer field as the ball was flying past me towards the goal. As the years progressed, I loved soccer. I played on different teams, read different soccer books, and even demanded to own Mia Hamm and Cristiano Ronaldo's jerseys. I attended my first and only camp ever for soccer. I thought I was going to become a professional.

Basketball was not my favorite out of the bunch. When I first started playing basketball, my coach would call me "World Be Free" because I would shoot from anywhere on the court (even if I was beyond far from half court). I was not a fan of basketball for long.

I remember crushing on my gymnastics coach. I loved swinging on the bars, jumping on the trampoline, and, of course, jumping into the foam pit. It was the best! I remember many birthday parties being held there.

During cheerleading, I was always a flyer. I loved the half-time shows, sideline dances, and yelling the cute boys' names. I loved all those Sunday morning games for the Pop Warner teams!

And lastly, dancing. I was dancing at 2 years old and never stopped until I graduated high school. I loved the music, people, and atmosphere. At the beginning of high school, between all of these sports, I had to choose one. I chose dance. I made many life-long friends, experienced many memories, and competed on the team for 8 years.

With all these different sports growing up, I was always eager to stay active. I was always running around in the yard playing soccer with friends in the neighborhood, I was always working out with my mom growing up, and I was always excelling in the fitness competitions in gym class (Yes, my friend and I did beat the boys in pull-ups).

Looking back, I was very athletic.

Now that I am in college, I do not play any sports. I go to the gym, but the amount of activity I was doing back then has decreased tremendously.

So, to my younger, athletic self, I loved you!