Grandparents are angels sent from God. I am fortunate enough to have both my maternal grandparents and paternal grandparents. Each day spent with them is a blessing from above.

Whether it was that one last piece of candy I wanted or that one last minute I wanted to play on the playground, my grandparents always agreed. They treated me like a princess with the tallest crown in the world.

Memories of a lifetime are shaped and formed at my grandparent's house. Some days we would drink coffee and gossip. Some days we would play on the playground. Some days would be spent cuddling on top of my grandparent's lap with no worries in the world. Some days would be spent practicing cartwheels for hours and having them "judge" each and every one. Some days we would practice math problems for my upcoming tests.

One thing that was similar in ALL those events, was the smile on my grandparents' faces through it all.

As I grew older, I realized how lucky I was to have four grandparents in my life. I had double the support. My parents were raised by amazing parents, which I got to call my grandparents. Both of my parents have the same values and have shown that all my life.

With both sets of my grandparents, a common denominator is the love they share with their spouse. My grandparents have marriages of over 65 years with the same person they met at 18, raising many children who all received college diplomas and more.

This sticks out to me most.

With generations nowadays, the traditional relationships are not the same as what they used to be. Love is not the same. Commitment is not the same. When I think about my grandparents, I think about the times they were brought up in.

Times were drastically different, however, we need to keep some tradition from the past going.

Grandparents give the absolute best advice. Sometimes, it may be old-school but that is what they are used to. The old-school advice can shape our world into a better place. Although technological advances are vital to our success nowadays, face-to-face conversations with your grandparents especially are important.

Grandparents are the best cheerleaders. My grandparents came to my dance recitals, sports games, and graduations. I felt as though I had a whole cheerleading squad on my back. Thank you, guys.

All in all, grandparents are one of the best things in life. Next time you need cookies, candy, or any sort of snack, talk to your grandparents!