My Sister Is Marrying The Love Of Her Life

To My Sister Who Is Getting Married To The Love Of Her Life, You Will Always Be My Partner In Crime

Love is a beautiful thing and I'm so happy to witness you following that path.

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For the past 19 years of my life, we've been close, and nothing could separate us. From watching "Postcards from Buster," and eating NY pizza, to watching "Xena Warrior Princess," we've done everything together without limits. But there is one thing that would eventually put that to an end. Growing up. Growing up can take us to different paths. Yet, when it takes us to different paths, we must move forward. Now that you're getting married to the love of your life, and there is nothing more beautiful than seeing you happy. And because of your happiness, it makes me want to find my happiness throughout the circumstances.

When you get married, things will change. Maybe you don't say "Sup," every morning to me as much as you will. Or, I wouldn't call you every single day, because I'm in college. Yet, that doesn't mean we will drift apart. If there is one thing I learned about sisterhood, its everlasting.

No matter the paths we take, we will always find a way back to each other. Notice that I will always be there for you throughout thick and thin. I mean. We've been each other's backbone for all these years! When you get married, you will walk down the aisle, say your vows, and start a new chapter in your life. That chapter will be rocky, yet I know it will be worth it.

To the man who is marrying my sister, treat her right! You don't see a girl like that everywhere you go. If there is one thing, I've seen in the relationship you have with my sister, its that you push her to be the best version of herself. You showed her what love is, and what love can be. Yet, there's a third person in your relationship, and that's God himself. Always keep God in the center of your marriage, for his love will encourage your love to be stronger. To the man who is marrying my sister, thank you for impacting her life.

Sis, you don't even know how much you've impacted my life. You've taught me how to save money, love others, never to give up, and keep moving forward. You've shown me that I deserve a happy life. From the laughs to the tears, you've always been my comfort, and if there is one thing, I learned from you, its to push for what you want out of life.

To see you grow up as a mature woman is speechless. I hope I strive to be like you I hope I can find happiness just like you did. Just because we are taking different paths, doesn't mean our relationship is broken. It's just building into a new stage in our lives. No matter what life throws, we will always throw it back with God's grace, and the memories we have together. If you think about it, we have a relationship just like Arthur and Buster, or Xena and Gabrielle! I will always love you, but now that your getting married, the love he gives you is worthy of your well being

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