To My Sister, During Her Freshman Year.

To My Sister, During Her Freshman Year.

to the only one i've got and the only one i'll ever need ;)


Words are never going to be able to describe how insanely proud I am of you this year. You've survived high school, graduated and managed to succeed at almost everything you put your mind to. But now your taking one of the biggest steps towards adulthood. And that step is only one of many monumental changes that have happened this past year.

College is new, college is scary, but remember, the greatest challenges are what define us.

A challenge to say the least. College will test you in more ways than one. Yes the campus is bigger, the professors can be strange, and those classes, well, those will make you want to tear your hair out and run back screaming back to high school. But these four years will change and shape you more than you can imagine.

Now is when you get to decide who you'll be. The sky's the limit, and College is there to help you decide what you'll make of it. You have everything at your fingertips. Now reach out and seize it. We're fortunate enough to have that opportunity and I know you'll do amazing things with it.

I know it's scary, I know it's painful. You're out of your element. You're in a new place and you have yet to find your footing. Luckily, you have Mom, Dad, and an older sister that have all been through it, love you and want to do everything we can to help.

One of the hardest things about college is starting over in a sea of new people. You have to start from scratch and manage to succeed even though you're completely out of your comfort zone. College is meant to test you because the real world will test you.

Not all of college is work though. This will be your home for the next four years at least. I would tell you to branch out and get to know your surroundings. Find a cute coffee shop to study or a place to get away. Once you have a comfort zone on or near campus everything won't be so scary and new. Eventually your new campus will feel like home.

I wish our family was nearby, I know they wish they were as well. But we all know that you can do this. You're someone who's managed to excel at almost everything you attempt and this will be no different. I have all the faith in the world that you can do this. I wish I were there to be your big sister and help you and make it better but it doesn't work like that.

I know you can do this and that you'll do brilliantly. I miss you so much but i'm so excited for you to take this step. You have so much potential and I know that you will thrive at whatever you choose to do. Remember that your college career is yours and yours only. The next four will be a roller coaster but I know you'll do great things with them. And whenever it becomes a little too much, i'm just a phone call away.

All my love.

Cover Image Credit: family photo

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10 Struggles Girls Taller Than 5'7" Feel On A Spiritual Level

3. "Do you date guys that are shorter than you?"

Any girl who is at least 5'8" will understand these struggles and possibly identify with them on a spiritual level.

1. Dresses not being long enough

Finding dresses for any occasion that will be long enough is like searching for rain in a drought. And when you find one, it's bound to either cost $$$ or not fit another aspect of your body.

2. Heck, pants are never long enough either

You are constantly flooding, or else you rolled up your jeans to look like capris. Unless you special ordered some jeans online in the coveted size LONG or EXTRA LONG, this will forever be your fate.

3. "Do you date guys that are shorter than you?"

This is a personal preference people! Don't assume that a girl will or will not date someone just based on their height difference! Also, don't judge if they aren't interested in someone who is shorter than them!

4. Not wearing heels because you don't enjoy being the skyscraper of the friend group

Wearing heels can be fun buuuuuuuut sometimes towering over everyone else is not our idea of fun.

5. It's hard to find cute shoes that actually fit

You would love to have all those cute little shoes in the clearance section, but most of them barely cover your big toe.

6. Everyone thinks you walk too fast

Short-legged people just can't keep up with you, even though you aren't even walking fast. Like at all.

7. People want to jump on your back

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Cover Image Credit: Olivia Willoughby

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My Sister And I May Be 10 Years Apart, But It's The Best Thing Ever

She can hype you up when you need to text that boy but give loving advice about you how stupid you were after you did it.


Many people are unaware that I have siblings. I have always appeared to be an only child as I was — and still am — the only one living at home when, in fact, I have both a brother and a sister, who are many years older than me. I was a come-along child but also the greatest blessing my family has ever received.

I have heard countless stories from my family about how everyone reacted to the news of a new baby. My brother, who is 15 years older than me, was embarrassed and wanted to move out of the house far, far away. But, my sister Michelle, who is 10 years older than me, was ecstatic. She couldn't wait to have a little sister to love and cherish.

Little did either of us know how much of an impact we would have on each other.

Although my sister and I didn't live with each other for that long due to our age difference, our bond is undeniable. The best part about Michelle being a decade older than me is I have a best friend and a second mom all in the same person.

I love my sister so much for so many reasons...

Michelle is always there to support me, love me, make fun of me, guide me, and compliment my hair and outfits. We may argue occasionally, but I can always count on her in the end.

No one else in this world that I would rock out to a concert with, as well as dance and sing to in the most obnoxious way even though she threatens to take videos to show my future husband. No one else I would swap clothes regardless of knowing that I won't get them back for at least six months. No one else I would create crazy food concoctions despite the consequence of my stomach hating me later.

Most importantly, she reminds me of when I am making a stupid decision.

I am so fortunate and thankful to have the most amazing older sister.

Thank you for showing me how delicious coffee is, reassuring me that you can never have too many cats, teaching me to always put confetti in birthday cards, and telling me to never let a stupid boy dull my spark as there is always better out there.

Ten years is quite a distance but, that has never been able to separate our love and bond with one another.

I am so beyond lucky to have a sister like you, Michelle.

I still love you even though people always call me "Michelle," or think that we're twins.

Forever and always,

Your little sis


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