Thank you for being my roommate my freshman year of college. We have experienced so much in just a short amount of time. And I’m beyond glad we got to do it together. Having a roommate, at first, was slightly insane to me. I never had to share a room with another girl before and at first I was hesitant but also excited. I had experienced some hardships in the beginning of the year but I am lucky that I got to wind up with you as my roommate to share all different types of memories together.

I didn’t know that the beginning of our friendship would have started the way it did. I didn’t know we would eventually be roommates. But, we wound up being more than friends. We wound up being roommates. We wound up being best friends. I’m not sure many people can stand being around me for so fact, they can’t...let alone room with me. But, we both worked out for each other in the end.

Freshman year is full of firsts and full of moments that we all will remember for the rest of our lives. I’m glad that I got to share so many of those memories with you by my side. Thinking back on our year, I realized how much we have accomplished by each others sides and some of the funny moments we have together. Some of the typical moments that we have had are what other roommates may have had. The constant wonders such as when we are eating and if each other are hungry, if we have enough money for sushi, if we really should go to the gym, what to wear and even more.

However, I will always remember the stories we had before we fell asleep, getting you ready for some of the fun dates with a boy, (ooh la la!) your hysterical animal impressions, the funny noises that you make ,(which I am very lucky that I get to catch onto my snapchat story so the rest of the university can witness it) and studying right beside you whether it be Spanish or practicing a speech you’re going to give to the class.

I knew that I would create amazing things to look back on through my freshman year, but I never knew one of those moments to look back on would be you. I didn’t know moving out would be so hard, but it was. Even though it was hard to leave you, I’m glad that we got to share all of the moments that we shared.

Thanks for all the love.

Your Freshman Roomie,