To My Future Children,

I must admit, I don't know if I'll ever have you for I don't know my future. Currently, I am just getting by on my own and still trying to figure out what I want out of my life. I spend most of my nights worrying about school, my family, my future, work, and my social life. Occasionally, the thought of you pops into my mind for a brief moment but then my train thought wonders to more current events then future thoughts.

If we ever meet, I know you will change my life forever. Most girls my age have an idea of how many kids they want, what their names will be, and when they want to have them. For me, that's never been thought out to that extent. Instead, I've thought about where I want to travel, what law school I hope to attend, who will I work for someday, will I fail or succeed, and whether or not I'll be living in Boston or DC someday. While these have been the main thoughts that occupy my brain at the moment, that doesn't mean I've never thought about you.

I sometimes wonder if you would look more like me with wavy blonde hair and dark blue eyes or if you'd look completely different then me. Would you be short or tall? Would you play sports or would you be more artistic? Would you love dogs as much as I do? Would you be more outgoing and bold or shy and quiet? No matter what you looked like or what your personality is like, I know I would love you.

If you ever come into this world, there are a few things you should know about it. It's a strange place. Countries are at war with each other, protests happen frequently, no one seems to get along with one another, and people are constantly changing. While that's a lot of negatives, I want you to see the beauty underneath all the chaos. The beauty in how people are different and see the world differently. The beauty of learning more about yourself and what you are passionate about. The beauty of all the things nature has to offer. The beauty of freedom to think, feel, say, and believe whatever you want. I hope you wouldn't let the negatives cloud your vision of the positives.

I hope that if you ever come into this world, that it will provide you with as many laughs, memories, and lessons it has provided me with. I want you to find what makes you happy and to trust God always for He knows what is best for you and your life. If we ever meet, know that I will make mistakes but that doesn't mean I am not trying my best for you. Until the possible day we meet, I promise to help make the world a better place for you and to raise you to be the best version of yourself. While you are still a thought for the future at the moment, I hope if we ever meet you will be proud of me and happy with the life I will give you.

With love,

Your Mom