While I could write thousands of sappy words describing what you mean to me, I figured you get that enough. This isn't the classic love letter and I am not going to spend this article writing about how amazing you are (as much as I easily could), but instead, I am going to go in a different direction. I could thank you for all that you do for me, for always supporting me, picking me up when I'm down, and so much more, but that's what all these types of articles are about. While we both know our relationship is one of a kind, I'm always seeing the same types of articles. So instead, I'd like to thank you for the things no one remembers to thank their boyfriend for.

Thank you for always acting like a child with me even though this is most likely because we both have no idea how to adult correctly (mostly me).

Thank you for taking a million pictures with me and then hating all of them with me because neither one of us are photogenic.

Thank you for telling me how it is and not sugar coating things, especially when I need it most.

Thank you for pretending to be into my TV shows (even though most times you actually are and won't admit it).

Thank you for not caring that I take up the whole bed and that this will never change.

Thank you for being proud of me when I eat more than you do.

Thank you for driving basically everywhere because I'm usually too lazy or just don't want to.

Thank you for ordering extra appetizers and blue cheese because you know I'll eat it even when I say I won't.

Thank you for shopping with me and somehow dealing with it.

Thank you for playing with my hair and then telling me how knotty it is and that I need to shower; I appreciate the honesty and usually need it.

Thank you for always letting me choose where we eat even when I say I don't want to.

Thank you for letting me steal all of your clothes and knowing you're not getting them back even when I promise to return them.

Thank you for always being willing to get fries and milkshakes with me even though we're both constantly saying we need to go to the gym more (and by that I mean you go every day and I go once a month).

Thank you for dealing with my constant shedding and dealing with finding strays of my hair on everything you own.

Thank you for giving me attitude back when I give you attitude.

Thank you for being my biggest fan, and I am yours.

Lastly, thank you for being you and for making me who I truly am. There are infinite things I could thank you for, but all of these little things are very underappreciated.