I know I'm just your aunt and you're not even born yet but I think about you every day. You make me happy, nervous and excited all at once. I am so happy that you will be in the world soon and I am excited to hold you and love you but I am nervous that the country you will live in will continue to fight itself and fall apart before you even learn how to walk. So, this is my letter to you letting you know that no matter what happens in the news, you are safe.

Right now the world is a scary place. With acts of violence, terrorism, and hatred on seemingly every street corner, it can be terrifying to walk down the city streets. This is not the world intended for you but somethings are just out of our control. This is OK though because in a few short months you'll be with us and maybe for those first few moments the world will be at peace.

You will be a world changer.

I say this not because we have already placed unreasonable expectations on your tiny shoulders but because you are the beginning of a new life. Your own life and the lives of your family. Your mom and dad glow with pride every time they talk about you and their pride will only grow as you do. Your grandma and grandpa having been patiently waiting for your arrival and will spoil you the second they meet you (also, don't let grandpa fool you, he is as soft as they come. If he's ever grumpy with you all you need to do is smile at him and his anger will melt. Trust me). All of your aunts, (you're lucky, you have four of us) will hold you and cherish you every moment we can.

Life won't always be easy. Sure, the few first years might be a breeze but you won't even remember those. This is my reminder to you that even when the world may try to bring you down you must rise above. Once you grow older you need to learn to love yourself for who you are. You have two very accepting parents and family so never be afraid to be who you are. Honestly, we're all a bit off-the-rocker so it's just better to join us anyway. And if the world does bring you down. We are all here to help lift you back up.

You are still so small, just the size of a sweet potato, and there is still 4 months until you meet the world but we are ready for you. Even if you hear your mom frantically stressing about you, she will be fine. Her and your dad want to provide the best for you and I know they will. You are so loved and you're not even born.