To My Newest Little

It’s no big secret that big-little is my favorite subject to talk about. I have possibly one of the biggest families on Greek row that only keeps getting bigger and bigger. What can I say? I enjoy having many children to spoil and love. So in the classic fashion of my writing, this article is dedicated to my newest family addition: my little Tara, a transfer from Oregon State who oh so bravely came to WSU knowing only a few people. She integrated herself into our chapter and quickly found an amazing group of friends. One is my original little. It was obvious she belonged in our family, and the psycho big I am had to make my moves right away. So here’s to you, Tara.

You are a natural.

Coming into a new environment where you hardly know anyone is scary. It’s like being a little fish in the big sea. But you adjusted so well that it makes me not afraid to go anywhere in the world. Seriously. But really think about it. You came to this big university halfway through the school year and held your head high. You joined our chapter successfully and came to all the social events we were hosting. When my very own little met you she couldn’t wait to tell me all about you. She even said, “you should adopt her.” Coming into our big, messy, chaotic, and crazy family can be overwhelming. But you stuck it through, survived, and have thrived as my little.

You have a sweet soul.

You have obviously been a ray of sunshine to myself, but when I see you interact with others it makes me so proud of how kind you are to others. You always talk to everyone as if they are the most special person in the world, and you never say a bad thing about anyone. It’s a characteristic I myself wish I contained as well as you do. When people are mean and sassy you know how to kill them with kindness, something I myself do not know how to do.

You’re a blast in a glass.

You are such a fun and spunky individual that you can make any social gathering one of the best times out there. I could go to the most boring meeting our chapter has to have and somehow being with you can make it such a fun time. Lucky for me I don’t have to have any classes with you because I’m sure it would be a big distraction for me.

You bring me so much joy.

Even on the days when I don’t want to be bothered and want to hide from the world, just a hello and a hug from you can change my day from terrible to wonderful. I’m so blessed to have someone that can do that. And since you and Hannah are the exact same person it’s no wonder that seeing the two of you at the same time makes me such a happy mama.

So to my lovely wonderful little, thank you. Thank you for making life in a sorority that much better. Thank you for brightening my days and creating fun memories at night. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and letting me practice being a decent big. But thank you most importantly for being your wonderful amazing self. No one will ever have a little as great as I, or a family better than ours. Lucky me, huh?

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