To My Greek Family, I Am Forever Indebted To You All

To My Greek Family, I Am Forever Indebted To You All

Thank you for all the memories and laughs you have given me throughout my time at WSU.

To My Greek Family, I Am Forever Indebted To You All
Cheyenne Wong

So it’s no surprise of my obsession with my family. I created the perfect group of people to spend my college days with and participate in daily activities throughout the Greek System alongside. Throughout my four years in my sorority, it was my family, with the contribution of my closest friends, that made everyday life here at Washington State University more magical than it already was. Every day was a new adventure with these people, and each weekend I looked forward to whatever fun and trouble we would get into together. Though our days of being together 24/7 and having set plans each weekend are coming to an end, I am forever indebted to you people for all the memories and laughs you have given me throughout my time here. Turning into a great-grandma this year was the ultimate gift, and taking care of you was the biggest pain in the butt- however I wouldn’t have traded any of that for anything. So to the family members I met because of going to WSU, or the ones I grew up with all my life, thank you. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and accepting me for all that I am. I will never love a group of non-related humans as much as I love you all. Let’s face it, you’ve all turned into family. To each of you, this is what I have to say:


The first family member younger than me to call my very own. It’s no surprise that from the moment I met you there was something that sparked my interest. Looking at your behavior was like looking into a mirror and not being able to recognize myself. You acted just like me, almost talked just like me, and you reminded me of myself in the most unexplainable way. The very first night we hung out was the day we met and I spilt the beans by screaming, “I WANT YOU TO BE MY LITTLE!” Little did you know at that time you’d be overwhelmed with an abundance of love and gifts a few weeks later. And my goodness spoiled is the only way to describe you. And after all of these years you’re still giving me a run for my money. I’m still chasing after you, getting grey hairs, rolling my eyes and the things you admit to me, and always somehow coming back to spoil you when you least deserve it. You my dear have gifted me the best joy of my entire sorority experience: getting the little sister I always wanted. You are someone that will go so far in life because of the amazing personality you have, the strong will you contain, and the goal seeking you do on a daily basis. You are someone I can confidently say will be in my life from here on out. It’s amazing that as I watched you grow, I didn’t realize I myself was becoming older and wiser. In the low points of my life you have lifted me up, no questions asked and have helped stabilize me when I needed it most. You have loved me even when I couldn’t love myself, and for that Hannah Noelle, that is the definition of sisterhood.


Adopting you was the best decision I made. “Adopt” is not the correct term I like to use, because of the negative connotation it portrays. You are fully mine even if I was not your original big to start. Although I’m sure you spent many nights wondering if transferring was the right option for yourself. I’m sure prior to that you second guessed if it is something you should have done. What I can assure you is had you not done so, I would have a piece of my heart that would be empty because I’d be missing you. From the moment I met you, you radiated positivity and welcomed me with open arms. Prior to your arrival I always wanted Hannah to be a twin, and soon realized she was enough to handle. She wouldn’t have liked being a twin at that time because all the attention wouldn’t be on her, and her gifts would be a fraction of what they were. So when she begged me to adopt you the following year, I knew there had to be something special about you if she so willingly volunteered to share the love, gifts, and title. Since having you, you have made our family even bigger and better than what it was. You have turned my darkest days into the brightest just by a smile and a hug in passing, a conversation regardless of the duration, or a simple text here and there. It baffles me that you’re a transfer and didn’t start out here all along, for we have made so many memories that it seems like it’s filled at least my duration of WSU. You fit so well with everyone here and I am more than proud to call you my little. You’ve changed me for the better and taught me how to love unconditionally. You’ve inspired me with your career choice and I wish I had as much compassion and heart as you do. It’s a rare gift that so few have my dear. I look up to you more than you know and calling you a sister and being your “mom” is the biggest honor and title I have.


And to think I’ve known you since before you were my glittle, before you were my sister, before you were my classmate here at WSU. You are the biggest example of people who are meant to be in your life. When I first met you so many years ago it didn’t seem as significant as it does now. It was just a typical, “this girl is from my hometown, and everyone knows everyone, so we now know each other” scenario. So if you were to tell myself at 15 years old that the little 12-year-old girl that my brother had such a big crush on, was one day going to be one of my best friends, my glittle, my sister, I would have laughed. As everything about that situation seemed unrealistic. What you’ve also proven to me is how amazing of a person you are. I knew this all along. It was never a shock to me. But when my very own little met you, and fell in love with you WITHOUT my opinion; I knew you proved to be an amazing person. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow up and see you get to where you are now. Though you may be years younger than me, I also look up to you more than you realize. You’ve taught me patience; you’ve taught me that everyone deserves a second chance- even if I so badly do NOT want to give it to them. You’ve taught me to find the good in others even if I have to peel multiple layers in order to do so, and most importantly you’ve taught me self-love. You treat me as though you are my biggest fan, and for reasons I’ll never know or understand, I’m so grateful that you see something in me that sometimes I can’t. Being a big was my greatest achievement. But being a grandma has been my biggest promotion. You too will one day inspire the world as much as you’ve inspired me, and get to have a front row ticket to watch this all happen.


You are a testament of not knowing someone for a long time but growing so close, in a fast manner. From the moment I met you, you have always expressed your gratitude and appreciation for being welcomed into our family. Aside from your gentle heart and your passion you graciously show others, you have been a ray of sunshine that shines down on anyone that needs it. Whether it is 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning you have always been my shoulder to cry on and my hand to hold when I need it most. And during all these years I was supposed to be the one guiding you through the tough times and helping you when you need it most, but what was the opposite was you helped me be stable and always get back on my own two feet. The day you were adopted into our chaotic crazy group that we somehow call a family, was the day I was most proud to call Hannah my little, and the day we gave Lauren a twin, and the day we gave you a family. The addition of you has been nothing short of sweet and the best decision we made as a family. Your love for food and your obsession with social media are two of the things I love most about you. You are one of the smallest people I’ve met with the biggest appetite, and although I tease you about it you don’t budge. You make funny and interesting choices that people tease you for on social media, but like the woman you are you stay true to yourself and do whatever it is that you want. That is what makes you admirable. Not caring, and not shaping yourself to what society says you should and shouldn’t do. You inspire me every day to beat to my own drum. Maybe one day I can be just as cool and unique as you!


My sweet baby LJ. There are so little words that could justify what you mean to me. Since the day I met you, you gravitated to me and were the little mosquito I seemed to have a hard time getting rid of. And since you decided to come to WSU it has been nothing short of this amazing adventure that you’ve taken me on. Lucky for me I’ve known you since even before WSU was in your future. As your sister was my GMA she took me under her wing and let me tag along on all of her adventures. She babied me and led me through my time as a Coug and my time in the house. By the time I met you, it was evident that you held many of the same characteristics that your sister does and that you’d make a perfect addition to the house. Once you joined the house it was evident you were meant to be in our fam as you grew so close, so quickly to Lauren. Since you’ve come into our family our lives got a little better, I’ve had a little more fun, and smiled a little bigger with you around. Whether it is a late night study sesh, a spontaneous Dominos run or going out to the frats with 5 minutes to spare on getting ready, you have always been my go-to person to have fun with, hang out with, and talk to about life with. I have been able to have the deepest of conversations with you where you help get my life in order, or help me decide on an outfit for my next event. LJ, having you in my life is one of the greatest relationships Kappa has given me. I’ve done my time of spoiling Hannah and Tara, then Lauren and Danelle, and now it’s only proper that it’s your time to get your fair share of love and material items. And even when I spoil you to an overwhelming amount, you sit there with the highest form of appreciativeness and love me right back. You are someone I know will be in my life for years to come. You’ve let me be to you what your sister was to me, a confidante, a sister, a friend, and a role model. And even when I’m in no position to do so, you find the best in me and let me be just that to you. I adore you sweetie.


Sometimes our patience is tested when we are given someone who is the biggest pain in our butt. Sometimes that person makes us want to rip our hair out, take a nap, and reevaluate how many grey hairs we’ve sprouted. You are that person to me, but in no way would I ever change having you be that person to me. Generally, when you get to my age in a sorority, you seldom ever pay attention to the youngest class. With you, there was no way I couldn’t as you practically forced your little self onto me. But I’m so thankful for that. Since you would always come to my home for fam nights, and soon started coming over just to hang out, you have voiced your love for our family and all things that make it what it is. You have a sweet soft side to you that is so confident, it’s a surprise that I could be of any help to you. But since the beginning, you have told me that I have helped you find your place and remind you of your worth. While I may have been a help to you, you’ve always helped me and reminded me that I don’t need a significant other to make myself happy. I don’t need someone to remind me of how smart I am, and that I am powerful by using my own natural abilities. I will never forget babysitting you throughout your entire first year in college. I will forever appreciate our crafting nights that turn into sporadic parties, and all the memories we’ve made thus far. Taking you for a drive to let you vent about any issues you have will forever be my favorite past time, and Wetzel and I being your parents have made for some of the best little jokes in our family. You may be the baby of the family but you will be an amazing big sister to a very special girl who will be lucky to have you in the future. I cannot wait to see what your future holds and how much more I may be able to influence you. But thank you for allowing me to do so, and thank you for all of the car rides with our favorite pastime and all of the memories we’ve made this far. You will be one of the highlights of my final year at this amazing school.


As the final girl in our youngest generation of girls, it’s only proper that I reminisce about why our relationship is so unique. I have never to this day met someone who is so similar to me in the uncanniest way. You love One Direction, you’re absolutely obsessed with Disney, and you have the bubbliest of personalities that reminds me of myself at your age. Even before you were officially a member of our family you begged, and pleaded, and expressed how badly you wanted to be a part of it. You had your mindset and you knew exactly what it was that you wanted. And by our lucky stars, you got us and we got you. Ever since then you have been such a big sunshine that lights up the room you walk into. When I come to visit the house you are always excited and ready to give me a huge hug and talk to me about whatever is going on in life. You hold me to such a high standard and always make me feel like I always make the right choices, that no matter what the outcome is, is the right one. I adore how much pride you have in telling people I’m your GGBig, and I don’t think anyone has uplifted me as much as you always do. You’re not afraid to stand up for those you love and care for, and you will one day be to a little girl, what you’ve graciously asked me to be to you.


You are proof that being nice to someone when I’m younger will pay off when I get older. As a kid, I only knew you as one of Kale’s friends who ran around tormenting me as kids. And as I got to high school I soon was forced to babysit you and my brother and make sure you guys didn’t burn the house down. As I got older I somehow was forced to become more responsible. I soon had to drive you guys around, pick you guys up and drop you off at another friend’s house, practice, or a school event. And as I grew older, you and my brother grew closer, which meant you were around a whole lot more. Since we were kids you’ve been the second brother I would have never asked for, but my goodness I am so thankful for you. You’ve helped mend my relationship with my brother, you’ve been there for our family through thick and thin, and you’ve immersed yourself with us so much that my mom considers you another kid and you can comfortably say that my grandparents are another set of grandparents for you. Finding out that you would be at WSU immediately put me back to the position I left at 18, knowing I’d take you under my wing and make sure you felt comfortable and at home at this new school. So what better way than to introduce you to my very little who immediately asked that you be her little. You made your presence known and you have graced your friendship with not only our fam but so many mutual friends that we share. Watching you grow up has been such a privilege. I’ve been able to see all the success that you’ve encountered. You have made your own name for yourself and have become an amazing and inspiring leader. For that, I am so proud to say that I know you and that you are the second brother God gave me. You have helped me when I needed it most and I so often forget that it is I who is older than you. You’ve allowed me to let you learn from my mistakes and you’ve picked up all my broken pieces when I needed it most. I owe you a lifetimes worth of favor. But since we’re family, who’s really counting, right?


Although you may not officially be in my family it’s only proper that I give you your special shout out because you pretty much are the closest thing to such. You are the epitome of meeting life-long friends in college. As someone who was so sheltered in my little one horse town, I never thought I’d need to meet other people outside of my hometown who would become such a big part of my life. Boy was I wrong. The moment I met you, you weren’t afraid to be as goofy as could be to get a laugh out of someone and make them feel comfortable. You are someone who can always make me laugh either at myself or at some odd joke your creative mind came up with. Although no one will ever be able to classify and label whatever it is we call our friendship/relationship, all I can say is I’m so glad to have the friend in you I’ve received. You are the first person to celebrate my victories, and the first person to encourage me that I deserve better no matter what the situation may be. We are always on the same page when we need to vent about something or someone, and you are always down for anything spontaneous. As my go-to person, I’ll forever be thankful for the ability to call you and tell you I’m coming over to hang, day drink, or that we need to go somewhere. Our love of traveling and adventuring is something I’ll always cherish along with our late night conversations and our passion for life. You’ve taught me to not take life so seriously and that there’s more out there if I realize my own potential. You may single-handedly be responsible for some of my greatest nights here in this cute little college town. For that, I owe you the world.


There are so few words to describe the contribution you add to this family. You are single-handedly one of the kindest boys I have ever met, and to have you as part of this ridiculous group is only a blessing brought to us all. You are another person that has proved that friendship can easily turn into a family dynamic. I’ve known you for so long that you might be one of my brother’s closest friends but you’ve turned into just another brother that I’ve added to the group. When in doubt it is you that we all turn to, to make us laugh even if it’s to your cost. You always are welcoming to everyone around you and you know how to make everyone feel special. You open your room to everyone and anyone and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. It’s your generosity and your hospitality that makes everyone absolutely love and adore you. Since making you join our large familia, it has been nothing short of entertaining and a whirlwind of memories already created, with much more down the road. But perhaps what I am most thankful for is your inclusion of our families as one. Our numerous celebrations of CFS and getting together for all sorts of gatherings have ensured just how much you and your entire family mean to me and mine. And by the pattern expected, there will only be many more memories waiting to be made. Jack Nordi, thank you for being the creepy uncle in our family and making life so much more fun.


And to the last of Kale’s close friends, there’s you Griffin. As the little neighbor kid we grew up with, I never imagined that I’d get you in this chaotic mess. But the night that little Hannah met you she saw something in you that immediately sparked her interest to little you. And my goodness am I so glad that she did. You were the missing puzzle piece that this Gig Harbor family needed. God knows Evan needed another boy to accompany him with all the crazy girl talk surrounding his innocent ears. There’s no one I’d rather get into trouble with minor or major. No one better to rally with and call me out for being soft. And no one else I’d rather do community service with for more hours than I could ever count. Growing closer to you has been such a pleasure and I may even argue that we are at the point that I’m closer to you than my own brother is. You are the last testament to prove to the fam members who aren’t from the Harbor just how amazing and unique the people that are from there just are. You fit right in when joining the rest of everybody in teasing me, giving me a hard time for being so extra, and pranking me when I’m the first to fall asleep. Maybe one of these days I’ll get you back for some of those pranks.

So for the past 20 or so years that I’ve known half of you, thank you. And to the past 5 years that I met the rest of you, it seems like a lifetime I’ve known you. Throughout the past five years in this perfect little town, I’ve experienced some of the greatest nights of my life, celebrated some of the best game days I ever will, and met some of the greatest people I’ll ever meet. Majority of those “great people,” just so happen to be you guys. I wouldn’t ever trade the times I let you guys crash my house, or took you to ice cream at 1 in the morning, I wouldn’t trade any of those nights for anything. So thank you for giving me the college experience I had. You’re all forever my pain in the butt children.

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