To My Future Students, From A Future Teacher At The End Of Her College Career

To My Future Students, From A Future Teacher At The End Of Her College Career

We are going to change each other's lives.


Since I was young, I have dreamt up my perfect classroom with my ideal lesson plans and student projects. Now that I am almost at the end of learning how to be an educator — I have some things I want my future students to know.

1. I will always do my best to help you do your best.

I have been in your shoes, and I understand what it is like to be overwhelmed with school, extracurricular activities, and your home life — so I will do anything to help you remain confident and comfortable. I want to help you be the best version of yourself, I have worked my whole life to make sure that I was adequately equipped to help you, so I won't give up until I do.

2. You mean more to me than you will ever know.

Everyone you meet in life will change you, and that is exactly what you are doing to me. The opportunity to teach you is one I will not take for granted, and one I will cherish every day that we spend together and long after. You are changing my life, and I hope that I change yours too.

3. You don't have to be embarrassed or ashamed of ANYTHING in my classroom.

I don't even need to know what is going on, I just need to know that you need help and I will be there. If it is a problem with math or reading, let me teach you new ways to do it so that we can get through your rough patch. If it is a problem with something at home, your secret is safe with me — we can work on things together until we have the best solution. You never have to question if what your feeling is enough because I promise you that I will help you.

4. You won't have a chance at giving anything less than your best effort.

Let's face the obvious: school can be challenging for some people. You have to be willing to give your best effort, and I am going to make sure that you do your best. There is no reason for you to give anything less, school is so temporary and short but it also means a lot for your future - you should be wanting this short time in your life to be something you can be proud of.

5. I am always going to give my best effort.

I am going to go over things 100 times, I will repeat myself more than I will ever realize, and I will push you harder than you may be willing to go sometimes. It is who I am, and it is something I hope to pass on to people. I want my work with you to be noticed by other teachers, your parents, and especially you. I want you to notice how much better you are getting at something because I repeated myself 100 times and it stuck with you. I just want you to do your best, I will be doing mine.

6. Give me a chance.

I am going to make mistakes, more than I will do things right probably, but that is beside the point. I want to be the best I can be, but you are going to need to bear with me when I pronounce things wrong, do the wrong operations in math, or forget an important piece of information. Just give me a chance to prove that I want to do my best by you, and I am going to as long as you let me.

I hope that I can be someone you are proud of, and I want you to know I will always be proud of you. We are going to work really well together and you are going to be the best versions of yourselves, I look forward to changing your lives.


An Optimistic Teacher-To-Be

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