I hope you are smiling ear to ear right now.

I hope you are in the place you want to be.

I hope you did the things you wanted to do.

I hope you have some regrets.

I hope you learned from mistakes.

Lastly, I hope you found yourself, but if you didn't, it is okay.

To my future self, I think of the years that are ahead and the goals I have set. I wonder about the experiences I will come across and the mistakes I will make. I hope I can pick myself up and move forward each and every time. I hope I can choose the best things that will only produce positivity in my life.

I envision a young, determined, successful woman with more aspirations than life itself. I envision purchasing my first house with the person I am going to spend forever with and eventually producing a family. My goals for my life are set, however, there could be slight changes along the way. Life is beautiful. Everything happens for a reason.

If I didn't find myself exactly with what I want to do career wise or the perfect soulmate, I have plenty of time. Keep pushing.

I pray that I made an impact in this world to those in need, and I pray that I witnessed the smile on strangers' faces.

I would love to be able to thank myself now for the things I have done in the past that have been vital to my future. I think the most important thing in life is the thought of preparing ahead. Success does not come overnight. Success is worked for throughout many different ways.

I believe that my future self should feel ecstatic to enter the second part of life. When I say "second," I am referring to the aftermath of the teenage years. Throughout those years, the knowledge I will gain will help me with many different things. As you grow older, you go through many different life changes.

As your age increases, your knowledge does as well. Next time you are thinking about your future self, I hope you think about all these different things. I hope you strive to become a better you.

Health and happiness is definitely a number one priority. Strive for it.

If you dwell on mistakes, you will not move forward. Instead, use those mistakes to learn valuable lessons. If you do not learn from mistakes, you will most likely regress.

You want to get the MOST out of life. Live your best life.

When you think about the future, there are many different aspects to think about.

Finding a soulmate is definitely on a teenage girl's mind. I know boys can be tough, I know you may experience heartbreak, and I know how it feels. But, you will find happiness with your soulmate in this world. Do not worry.

As we grow older, we can let things flow naturally. When we're young, we panic and believe things should work out as planned. However, this is not factual. We have plenty of time to make things work out how we wish. Take a deep breath and let your mind and soul take you through life.

You got this!