To My Friends Enjoying The End Of Their Senior Year Of High School

It feels like just yesterday I was sitting at my desk in first period counting down the days till high school graduation. Flash forward a year later and I'm stunned to have almost completed my freshman year of college. How has time passed so quickly? As my senior friends are in their last month of high school, they are about to experience what was the time of my life. I enjoyed every second of the end of my senior year and I wish I could live within that excitement everyday. I realize that not everyone has a good high school experience but I truly believe that if you participate and enjoy all of the end of the year events, you will leave high school with nothing but happy memories.

Sometimes I miss high school. I love being a college student but it's definitely weird to think about how my life is completely different than what it was like a year ago. I guess I never really realized how much things can change in a year because I've always been living the same routined life. Graduating from high school truly is the beginning of the rest of your life, but sometimes I find myself wanting to go back to when that routine was all I ever knew.

The only advice that I can give to my senior friends is to enjoy being a senior. I know they just want school to be over and for them to be in college already, as every senior always wants, but stepping away from high school made me realize one thing; to enjoy every moment as you live in it. You will never be able to speed up time or jump to the future but you can always enjoy the present and relive the past through pictures and memories. I advise all my senior friends to take as many pictures as they can this upcoming month, because this month will be what you remember most from high school.

Capture every moment you spend with your friends studying for your last high school exam, because you won't be able to study with them ever again. Remember to love every moment that you spend with your peers outside of school because once you graduate, you won't see more than half of those familiar faces. Make sure to build your relationships with your favorite teachers because you never know when you will need help from them after high school. Most importantly, senior week will be one of the best weeks of your life but it flies by fast. But you know what they say: time flies when you're having fun. So have fun.

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