I’ve always been someone who’s been accepting of gay people. In fact, I love them! They’re fun, they’re non-judgmental, they’re so open minded, they’re AMAZING friends, and brutally honest advice givers. With my mom being a flight attendant, 90% of her male co-workers were gay, so I was exposed to the belief that anyone could romantically be with anyone from a young age. But of course, our world isn’t perfect. Not everyone was lucky enough to be raised with my open-minded upbringing. And not everyone is lucky enough to have amazing friends who just so happen to be gay. Since this month is June aka, the month of pride, what better way than to show my support and love than by putting my emotions into words. Let’s get started.

Being gay doesn’t define you.
I’m not going to refer you as my “gay friend.” Just like you won’t address me as your “Asian friend.” Being gay may be who you are, but that is not what defines you. What I see as a defining characteristic is your compassion, your bravery, your honesty, and your love for any and everyone. Being Asian doesn’t define me. It is a part of who I am but it’s not something that I openly tell everyone when I meet them. “Hi, I’m Cheyenne, I’m Asian.” not really an opening intro, right?

You’re just as normal, if not more than me.
Sure some people might label you as different. But aren’t we all? Different doesn’t have to be a negative term. Different is what sets us apart from one another and makes us all When people tell you that you’re not normal you have the options of two things. Letting it roll right off your back because you know that being different is not supposed to affect you. The other thing is to take it as a compliment because you stand out above the rest and deserve to own it with everything you have.

You are braver than you realize.
I think deep down everyone wishes they could put away their façade and be who they truly want to be. You have done just that. You have decided to be who you want to be even if you don’t have the full support from those around you. You have decided that you matter, and your happiness is what comes first. It is an inspiration to everyone around you because if we all could just be ourselves, I think the world would be that much better. Thank you for setting the path to bravery and honesty. Words cannot express the legacy you have created for those down the road.

I am lucky to live this life with you.
Out of over 7 billion people in this world, I was lucky enough to meet you. I was lucky enough to call you a friend, to spend countless hours with whether it was in a professional work environment, a serious school environment, or the vicinity of our own homes where we could do whatever the hell it was we wanted to do. I am lucky to have had my life changed for the better because of you. I am lucky to have my open minded torn open more, if it were possible, by you. You have taught me that love doesn’t have boundaries. Love doesn’t have barriers.

So to my friends during pride month, enjoy it. At one point or another, you have overcome adversity, you have had hateful words, actions, etc. thrown your way. This month is a celebration of you and what you believe in. What the world should believe in. What I believe in. This month is dedicated to you not being afraid to hold your significant other's hand. Not being afraid to go out in public with the love of your life. And not being afraid to express yourself. Little do you all know, you are inspiring people every day. You will inspire the future generation to think of the negative connotations of being gay, as a thing of the past. You are inspiring the future generation, to be honest with their sexuality at the beginning. You are inspiring others to be honest and to be brave.

Thank you.