Like most social media apps, Snapchat has introduced a memory component, showing you what you had saved in years prior.

Just the other day, late in the night, I had seen the little red button pop up and clicked on it to see a story the year before.

It was a computer screen that had announced to my friends on Snapchat that I had officially picked a roommate. I panned over to her in the video, and we both had big smiles on our faces. Neither of us knew what this next year would hold. Now that it's over, I want to say thank you for everything you have done for me in this past year. This is an open thank you letter to the best friend and roommate in the world.

Thank you so much for staying up with me late at night and talking about anything or everything with me.

It was the best way to unwind after long days of classes and work. We could get into deep, emotional conversations or lay and talk about who the greatest rapper of all time is. At times, I would make a makeshift bed on the ground so I had a better view of That 70's Show while we talked. It's hard to fall asleep without our conversation. This is also an open apology for each night that you would sit up and look over to me while you were talking just to realize I had been asleep this whole time. I wish I could go back and sit up each of those nights and keep the conversation going.

Thank you for supporting me in whatever I do.

Whether that is standing and recording me cutting my own hair during a mental breakdown, or coming into the bathroom and having a quick crying session while all of our friends were over. Thank you for backing me up in arguments, whether they were serious, or even if they were over something as stupid as how long can hamster wheels be used underwater. Your support has made me grow into a better person in regard to my self-confidence, which I have struggled with for years. You don't know how much that means to me.

Thank you for always being wild and staying on my level.

We always had to be doing something, and our energy always matched. You want to jump on the beds? So do I. You want to cuddle up and watch the same movie for the tenth time? I'm down. Feel like laying in a hammock outside as there's a huge snowstorm? Let's do it. You kept me wild and sane at the same time. You helped me step out of my box and try new things. You helped me grow as a person.

Thank you for everything.

For all of the songs that became our jam that we had to sing together at the top of our lungs, no matter where we were. For all of the jokes we constantly came up with based off of the crazy moments we shared. For all of the hugs, long car rides, and split Domino's orders. You will have no idea how much all of these moments mean to me. I truly cherished every moment we lived together.

I didn't think this year would go as well as it did. I didn't know that by asking you to be my roommate — a girl that I knew but wasn't too close with, would land me with a best friend for life.

Not every person in your life stays forever, but I know that deep down in my heart, there will be absolutely nothing that will ever come between us. You're the Joey to my Chandler, in every way possible.

I love you.