Nearly all people have lost a pet or few by the time they're in college. And it's horrible. But, you're not the only one! Thankfully, all of our furry friends that cross the rainbow bridge are partying it up in Heaven. This is a letter to them:

Hey buddy, how are you? Have you caught that squirrel yet? What about your tail? Have you barked at every cat or hissed at every dog? I hope you have. I hope you're eating all the treats possible. I hope you have all the warm, fuzzy blankets. I hope you remember me, and our time together. All of the cuddles and love. I hope I gave you the best life you could've ever had. Most of all, I wish you were still here. I don't understand why you had to leave. I don't think I ever will. You were the best friend I could have ever asked for. Thank you for everything. One day, I know I will see you again, and I cannot wait, buddy. Until then, make sure you run around as much as you want and sleep as much as you want. I'll throw a stick or two in the yard now and then, just wishing you'll pop out of nowhere and run to get it. Or I'll shake the bag of cat food I still have to wonder if you'll come rub up against my legs and meow until I feed you. I miss you. I really do. I love you, buddy.

With love,

Your Best Friend

(P.S. Your sister misses you. Sometimes she just sits at where we buried you in the yard. She doesn't understand why you left for the vet and came back in a box. I think she tries to talk to you, meowing at your grave. She loves you a lot. We all do.)