Every day you get out of bed, even though every bone in your body is begging you to stay in bed and let the sheets swallow you up.

He broke your heart, and that isn't a metaphor, I know you can feel your heart breaking between your ribs.

You loved him and you trusted him and he didn't even give you a real reason why. But I need you to know that nothing that you could have possibly done could give him the right for the way he has treated you since leaving you. You were together for two years, that type of relationship deserves respect even when it is over.

You don't need to defend him anymore, that isn't your job. You're allowed to think he was an asshole, that doesn't mean he was an asshole the whole time; it means he has changed. You have to separate who he was within your relationship from who he is with his friends now. People tell you that there are plenty more fish in the sea.

And I know that the thought of opening up to another person is overwhelming. Because while there may be plenty of fish in the sea, all you can see are sharks circling. Just because the one you loved turned into a shark, doesn't mean everyone after him will be out for blood. Trust that in time your wounds will heal.

You are strong, independent, and beautiful. You deserve to be happy and in time it will come. It may not be tomorrow or even a year from now, but you will find happiness. I will be here with you to help you find it. Through the up and downs, though the laughter and nights you want to cry with a pint of ice cream.

I am your best friend and I am your person through thick and thin and I know you can get through this.


Your Best Friend