To My Best Friend

I used to think high school would last forever. Any thought of leaving my teachers, my friends, and my home caused me to break into tears instantly. As I stepped out of the bright red doors of my school on our last day, I promised that I would return to visit every month. But after college, my memories of high school faded rapidly without me even realizing. There was only one thing I held onto dearly, and that was Sarah.

Sarah and I met each other in the seventh grade. She was a quiet girl who mostly kept to herself, the complete opposite of me. I was insane and made sure all of my thoughts were heard. Eventually, I shut my mouth and she stepped out of her shell and we stayed good friends over the course of six years. To me, graduation didn't seem like the end of us. It was more of a checkpoint, letting us know that thereafter, keeping the friendship alive was going to require a lot of dedication.

When freshman year of college began, I feared that if I made new friends, I would forget about Sarah. I managed to find a loophole in this dilemma: I introduced her to every friend I made. She knew about everything that was going on in my life and I knew about everything in hers. We never ran out of things to talk about. And when she came to visit me at Stony Brook, all my friends took a liking to her. Our friendship was at its peak.

A month into my second semester, things started to fall apart. I had no motivation to get up in the morning. I didn't want to eat or go out. My only escape was crying myself to sleep every night. Slowly, I started losing a lot of people that meant the world to me. The only solution that seemed logical at the time was to get off campus. But instead of going home, I ended up on Sarah's doorstep. I was reluctant to move on from my issues, but she pushed me and held my hand through every up and down. Today, a lot of the reason behind my happiness is her.

She's the one who caught a last-minute train to see me because I was down in the dumps; the one who forgave me for every mistake I had made; the one who taught me to let go and have fun. She deserves the world and so much more. Thank you, Sarah, for being my best friend. I hope our second year of college is even better than the first.

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