A Open Letter To Lindsay Lohan

Dear Ms. Lindsay Lohan,

Like many of your devoted admirers, I've been a fan since your cinematic debut in the Disney classic, "The Parent Trap." Maybe it was the way you deciphered between the two twins or your sassy demeanor, nonetheless, your talent persuaded my child mind that you were the "IT girl" actress of the new millennium.

Throughout the past few years, you've faced traumatic circumstances and serious issues that created a negative persona for you in popular culture. You were bothered every day with tabloid gossip and intrusive paparazzi, with people, whom you thought were loyal, spreading personal scandals like wildfire. Despite all the public target on your back, you still made attempts at a comeback, guest starring in sitcoms and playing Elizabeth Taylor in "Liz and Dick".

What motivated me to write this letter was the recent premiere of your brand new reality television show, "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club". The MTV spectacle was styled in the superfluous and melodramatic manner that other shows crowd the airwaves with, illustrating a competitively romantic atmosphere in which various characters form sanctimonious relationships. The show is busy, glamorously chaotic, filled with dramatic sound effects and an electronic soundtrack. Although you exemplify your character in the show as an authoritative woman, you're lost in the cast of characters that have traveled near and far to be in your show.

The age of social media has proven how fast one can rise to fame, whether or not that fame derived from toxicity or talent. You are an actress that should be treated with revere and highly regarded publicity. You come from a level of Hollywood that is well and above reality television and it's respective dramatic antics. I hope you enjoy yourself on this show, however, I also hope that the process of making award-winning motion pictures will catalyze a new act in your life.



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